Is it mind control? Looking for advice for Duke Sallos

You cannot make a person love you who don’t love you. You just curse or hex the person that breaks the free will which to many witches has backfired in my observation. If you are unattractive she would more resist the hex.
This is why it’s much wiser to use magick to make yourself in general more attractive towards the opposite sex. If you became an attractive guy and she can see you can get girls she will also in time become more naturally attracted to you.


Yes i have seen those kinds of love spells backfire a lot, in the end I don’t think Duke Sallos did anything of the sort and i was very clear that he must not go against her will. I mean in the end i had to accept that we cannot end up together and we’re both in happy relationships with other people and i’m not going to take further action on that

I once send Dantalion on a similar task that he should bring a crush I never got years ago but he failed… I think many of us have a misunderstanding of spirits. I don’t think they are here to do things of us in the outside world but rather give us wisdom, knowledge, personal strength to develop the powers and skills we need to obtain our goals.

Duke Sallos fulfilled my requests 100% so I’m not complaining, my clashing requests were the problem… haha. I tend to use the same approach for my stage in life right now, but i also don’t see anything wrong with asking the demons to get stuff done directly, sometimes you just need shit done, theres no right or wrong ways about it

It has been my experience to always trust the deities you are working with. How did you get to a point to hear Duke Sallos? I petitioned him, and trust, but would like to ask him when, because…well I’m human haha

talking and communicating is pretty standard stuff, there are tons of threads talking about it, you can do a search on the forum. you might not hear it in words but when you establish contact you need to listen close :wink: it’s a skill you can practice like anything, don’t give up