Is it dangerous if you only focus on your third eye?

As i mentioned above, does anyone know if it is dangerous if you only focus on your third eye chakra opening. If yes what could probably happen? And is it possible to become clairaudient if u just open the third eye instead of opening all chakras

I am very grateful for your time and answering :blush:

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Not dangerous just not advised.

The chakras aren’t closed so trying to open them is wasting valuable time that can be used on real practice.

The third eye has NOTHING to do with clairaudience, the actual practice of it does. Focusing on the chakras solely is a waste of time, work on your psychic senses is what you need to put time into, the chakras improve as you improve, therefore they do not need to be focused on.

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Do you know any meditation for developing psychic senses?

Seems like it would be more risky to do so with the Sahasrara; still indeed I once thought about the chance of prematurely awakening Kundalini and, apart from that, it’s better to have a balance between the chakras.
The clairaudience’s astral center is Vishuddha.

Meditation helps you calm your mind, learn to scan, practice inner and outer awareness. Scanning isn’t just seeing energy, but it’s hearing it, seeing it, feeling it, smelling it, and so forth. All your senses and in doing so you work your psychic senses on top of it if you decide to deal with other entities it helps to tell thoughtforms from real entities, mimics from the actual entity.

It’s basically a needed foundation.


I watched, i believe it was a Sadhguru video on youtube, where he said Shiva talked about focusing on your 3rd eye at all times as a method to achieve enlightenment.

I’m also just a beginner but this thread is perfect synchronicity as I was just looking into these “chakra strengthening/activating” meditations not even a minute ago. With all of your experience what’s your 2 cents on those power meditations on the JOS site? Are they helpful at all in strengthening energies? Or is just basic meditation + scanning sufficient as a daily routine in order to get stronger and ascend?

I’ve seen the meditations on JoS, but they never worked for me and usually people spend so much time on them but leave the rest of their energy body and energy weak and less than “optimal” but I do find meditation+scanning/working your psychic senses to be more sufficient in my opinion, but I have no opinion on ascend because I don’t really believe or follow BALG’s mentality or idea of “ascending”


I don’t either, “ascend” was just a poor choice of words on my part lol. Thx for replying

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JoS power meditation the Yogic breath one worked some for me, but that was just increasing the energy in my body.
Of course as I increased the energy in my body, some psychic senses and abilities improved.
Mileage may very for that one

What exactly is JoS? Sry for the dumb question i am a newbie

Joy of Satan website

Most of the information on the website is complete and utter trash. It’s a waste of time.


And all of their meditations are taken from other sources, with no attributions. Very little of it is original, if any. The only real benefit to the website is that the techniques are all in one spot and easy to find lol

@Derbeste the danger in overly focusing on the “third eye” to the exclusion of the other chakras, according to the yogic literature, is delusion. You will be unable to tell what is real and what is not.

Think of it like the guys you see in the gym who only work out their vanity muscles such as their biceps. They have flat chests, and skinny legs, and, because of the lack of development in the chain of muscles that connect their arms to the rest of their body, their strength is useless, and any attempt to use it would result in tearing and damage.

There is a reason why yogis start from the root.


Thank you DarkestKnight, that sounds legit

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I would also like to mention that a member of this forum developed his clairaudience by vibrating the LAM mantra a few thousand times a day while focusing on the root chakra for 50 days or so.

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Thank you guys for giving me these informations.
I’m very grateful