Is it a good long-term choice to have a succubus?

Sometimes I really want this kind of relationship,but I’m afraid of those negatives impacts,
In your opinion and experience, it is a good choice or do you have regret?

Love and being loved
Someone to talk with
Take care of you
Love you more than you love yourself
Help with :
Astrals senses
Trust issues and confidence
Motivation and goals
The way you think and see yourself

Negatives effects:
Being nothing without her
Affect negatively your social and sexual life
Lie to you
What if:
She doesn’t exist
She is possessive and control your life
She is a succubus of many others man
She abuse you and use you
You are bind to her and you can’t leave her

What good or bad point would you add

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If you have to think about it you’re probably meant to be with a person instead.

It’s possible to be with both, if everyone’s aware of what is expected.


Benefits and Negatives effects are not the same with each one succubus/incubus. Never try to categorize beings just like with humans, everyone is different.


I’ve been trying to understand why others like to have romantic/sexual relationships with spirits. I personally feel very weird about it for some reason. I wouldn’t disrespect someone for their choice of lover, be it human or spirit though.

What is the appeal to you, if you have a spirit lover? What do you get from a spirit lover that you can’t get from a human lover?

And, yes I’ve got the idea in my head that it’s possibly dangerous to have a spirit lover - from somewhere! lol


I could ask the same why human is a better lover? For some, he is because he got flesh and a human body, but spirits can take it as well. I don’t see a big difference between human and spirit as a lover.


Power. knowledge, types of sex you can’t get from a human (no, no further details or diagrams provided here), personal magickal development, different level of relationship without mundane stresses and strains, and more. Greed - possible to have a human and spirit spouse, and, spirit can alter its form in the way a human cannot.

It is, and you’d have to be weird to do it, especially in a longer-term commitment.


Many people on the forum said that succubus’s intelligence and way of thinking is slightly different,plus they may have qualities that can be hard to found in most humans ect…
I’m not saying succubus are better than most humans,and i’ve never experienced it but I find it easy to imagine a succubus who surprise me with her way of thinking and responding to magical, complex and existential question and stuff like that, that why sometimes I’m wondering if I should look for this contact ,not to replace classic human relationship
Sorry for my english as usual


yeah, this can happen but for me, for example, i also try to get rid of my weakness in order to become a more secure, stable person, and she´s helping me with that, she doesn´t want me to become a slave of hers

that´s up to you if you want to define yourself by whom you end up with, i´m an extremely individualistic person so even if my succubus and i end the relationship, although sad at first, i will move on with my life

i think this only can happen if you have a succubus that´s very jelous and overprotective, thank god my girl isn´t like that

that´s depends of the personality of the succubus, so you should be careful tbh

if she really loves you, she will respect the integrity of your being and even help with the goals you have in life

from stories i read from the internet, most succubus are demisexual (thank god) but just in case you should specify that you want a monogamous succubus

abuse can´t exist in most cases because most succubus crave for love (specially the ones that fall in love with humans), she will only harm you if you harm her first

the whole binding at first i admit for me was scary too, but once you´re in a relationship it´s so good that you don´t want (never) to end, from my experience my girl never interferes about what i do, she respects me, she never nags me (like my mom does) and she always try to help me and push to become a better person, she´s a lovely being

it´s up to you if you want a relationship but remember that once you made a request to lilith (or another being), to have a succubus in your life, there´s no turning back, it can get quite dirty the situation if you regret it and want to end the relationship, so take your time thinking about this


Are lilith and naamah succubus too? They met me in my dream last night

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What do you mean by “Spirits can take it as well”? I thought succubuses could not be physical

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If something is though well enough there are always solutions, even for putting spirit in human body.

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When you mean there’s no turning back, I’m afraid that there is no turning back in the astral world or somewhere else,and like an idiot I’m binding myself to a spirit after life or something like that.The problem is that I don’t know if there is real consequences after life,I don’t know if this kind of relationship impact my “supposed” path and in an other life I will stay in love with her even though i have forgotten her.
When we call a succubus does she come just for this life and not forever,does she have access to your astral body and your integrity?
One day I’ve written a letter to Lilith but I’ve never burned it,I only smelled a parfum in my room but it last 1 min, do I have already a succubus or I should rewrite a letter?
Is burning the letter is necessary? because I can’t where i live

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it depends, you should specify this in the letter of intent, it´s up to you if you want to end the relationship after you die
she will not harm you in the astral plane and she will not damage your integrity, but just in case you should practice how to defend yourself in the astral plane (i´m saying this because with a bad/insecure mentality, you can attract some spirits that can harm you, so don´t think in a negative way)

ask @succupedia for the inquiry, he´s the expert on the matter

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It’s not necessary, but there’s a purpose with burning the letter; You seal YOUR part of the “deal” and let your intent flow out in the aether.

Why can’t you burn the letter where you live? Smoke detectors? Curious family members? If it is the latter, you even put yourself of getting caught either way, even if you don’t burn the letter. Keeping it would raise a lot of questions than burning it, don’t you think? You can also rip it into pieces, if you can’t burn it.

Regarding your questions:

The benefits of being in a long term relationship with a succubus is outweighing the negatives, as I see it. It all depends on your willingness to compromise, to sacrifice and dedicate yourself to the succubus chosing to be with you. Whatever you feel, or think, you sacrifice, compromise and dedicate to be with her, she has done even more to be with you and experience the physical realm through you.

Being with a succubus can challenge your ego, and even highly experienced magicians have a hard time going too deep with these kind of spirits. On the other hand it challenge your ego, but at the same time it also strengthen your ego too.

The negative effects only affect you when you are uncertain of your own wants and needs, without compromising towards the wants and needs of your succubus. Ego seldom works in any kind of relationship, and that’s factual.

…and a lot of the things you mention doesn’t even have to be negative at all. There’s nothing wrong in dependency, unless it makes you unable to function within your social life.

Maybe your thoughts of the “negative effects” of being with a succubus are the negative effects of being together with you? Have you ever thought of that?


You know I feel like this is up to you, really it truly is, if you don’t feel like a succubus would be right for you I wouldn’t suggest getting into a relationship with one because if you have to ask about it then it might not be for you from what I noticed and have read and even from what my wife tells me, every succubus is different like every human is different they’re also a neutral being when I first saw that about them tbh I didn’t really believe it but tbf I can confirm that since my wife is generally neutral feeling what I mean is, she can be happy, ticked off, sad etc. My wife as she says likes Humans, especially when she met and married me, she says she always found them fascinating, and what do you know she married one.

but I also said they’re neutral beings meaning they can be bad, or good, some succubi only care about the energy humans give off or as my wife says a “food source” you could be just a meal to a succubus and thats it, or you could catch her eye and she legitimately loves you. I bet you’re asking, “well how do you know yours love you?” well I just do in my opinion you can tell if she or he loves you or not you can just feel it.

I’ve also saw you ask if you will remember your succubus in the afterlife or something to that effect, my wife already promised me that she will be taking me with her to spend eternity with her so I would assume if you do end up meeting the right one, and all that, then I could assume you will be with her afterwards, but then again everyone’s story is different.


I wasn’t that curious since I entered Balg for the first time

Or even better, a human succubus!!!


This is my premise:
1-Love and lust are very powerful magically, and sexual interactions with a deity increase your energy relationship with them.
2-Demons do not mind having perverse sex with you as long as you respect them legitimately and see them as more than just sexual objects.
There you will find notion of what you expose in your participation.

Since my last post, I’ve had sex with Lucifer and one of his demons. I think I’ve gotten over the weirdness if it. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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