Is he here?

I’m still new to this. I summoned a demon and explained what I would like to happen and gave him an offering last night. LONG STORY

So today I went for a walk and saw a rotten banana in the road. Then, when I got home I looked up a YouTube video and scrolled through the comments and someone also mentioned a banana.
So today I decided that I wanted the demon to know I was appreciative towards him. So I wanted to leave him a physical offering. Alcohol. I went to go pick a random bottle and what did I pick? A banana flavored alcoholic beverage.

Last night after summoning him I had a dream that my lover was texting his ex and she told him that she didnt want him in anyway anymore.

What does this mean?

It’s called priming in the field of influence. what you see before gets you most likely to choose that. due to exposure ahead of time.
In sales, a person will mention certain certain fruits. then they give you choices of fruits, you most likely will choose the fruit they mentioned.
Newbie People in magick just seems to make big deal or question every incident. Use your logic. It’s still there. don’t throw common thinking away just cuz your exploring a new subject of magick.

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That’s absolutely bananas! Har Har…in all seriousness my suggestion is the demon probably enjoyed the offering and then gave you that vision as a gift. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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