Is desire part of free will?

Can you have one without the other?

What’s wrong with desire? and technically speaking yes, the point of free will is the capability of making your own choices and decisions.


Actually, I consider desire sacred. But for some people they think desire is a burden. Mostly religious people. I mean, the very concept of sin is literally desire. So, therefore, salvation is to be “free” of desires. However you can’t be have free will without desire. In summary, salvation means no free will.

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You’d be surprised those that want to “return to source” also seem to reflect the same ideals as those who view desire as an issue. But the fact they want salvation is a desire so it’s a constant loop of not making a lick of sense in my opinion.


One side of the matter is how, personally, I feel that reaching the peak for example in Christianity. No true free will if you have to follow the one of God, in order to make the “right” choices.

…and that concept of “sin” was put there by desire as well, just as the concept of salvation comes through a desire to get it. Catch 22 schoolbook example. :man_shrugging:

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Christians seem to believe that free will means that they have the right to choose God. Even despite the concept of damnation. “Choose me or suffer for eternity” doesn’t necessarily sound like free will to me. Or the respect of free will.


A benevolent Tyrant is still a tyrant.
The christian god is just a scared king. Think about it, a throne is usually against a wall (to prevent backstabbing), you are asked to bow down (so that they see you coming), and there are plenty of henchmen to protect the king.

I do believe that free will has more to do with your behavior rather than your decisions as you do not have control over all things but on how you react.

I’m not sure I agree. I tend to think the purpose of magick is to give the practitioner control over their destiny.

Free will is overrated

I think you have free will if you act on your desire that you wish to achieve

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Our desires mostly have certain genetic or environmental reasons.
So free will might be doing something that contradicts your desires (or fate).

If destiny exists, the having control over it is an illusion.
Destiny implies a destination if you are going to be at that destination, did you really had control over it?

Imagine everything is falling down a cliff, grabbing a rock in the middle of the fall will give you security, but the destination does not change.

What we call magic is nothing but an extension of ourselves; like a hand, it requires training for you to have dexterity. Indeed, you will perform wonders with your new appendix; what if it was part of destiny you learning to use this new arm? Maybe because we were meant to speak to each other?