Is Chaos magic exclusively LHP?

On another forum I already asked this and I got everything from “I don’t know a single Chaote who is not LHP” to “Hell fucking no because they have no real beliefs.” I guess Chaos theory leaves room to incorporate RHP and LHP elements in beliefs but in my experience many Chaos magicians are either very eclectic people, or LHP practitioners who don’t want to conform to any one philosophy on magic.
What say you?
(This time I’m looking for answers from fellow Chaotes but anyone else who wants to chime in can do so).


I summon @Anziel_Merkaba

Also i posit that chaos magick may be outside the left/right light/dark paradigm


A chaote can be anything, from LHP to RHP to beyond the hand-paradigm ideas.

At it’s core, chaos practitioners are not limited by morality/lhp/rhp, but many often decide to follow their own moral code that may align more towards one side or the other.

Chaos magick is outside the left/right paradigm, but the labels can still be used if the definitions are altered slightly.


The best way i have come to sum up how i incorporate concepts from different systems is best described in this quote

“The man of Truth is beyond good and evil,” intoned a voice that was not a voice. “The man of Truth has ridden to All-Is-One. The man of Truth has learnt that Illusion is the only reality, and that substance is an impostor.” - through the gates of the silver key.

In the case of the magician the only limits are those imposed on self. Expanding beyond those limits is part of the work and this includes the limits other traditions and their practitioners try to impose on those outside of those traditions.

I have pulled elements from lovecraft’s works, Catholic rituals, hindu mantras and hemertic elemental ritual concepts to make powerful and successful operations before. Paradigm be damned!

One advantage of being raised in an environment that allows for spiritual exploration I have zero issues testing and combining pieces of different currents if I think i can learn from it, I’ll experiment with it. :smiling_imp:

All that said I have had a few detonate in my face before in the progress of experimentation :laughing:


Chaos got me into paradigms, paradigm theory and paradigm Magick. That so easily led to aeonic stuff. Just be careful. Neither paradigm or aeonic Magick is nice. And there’s much better Magick to get involved with than these. Let that be an unable to understand warning to you.





I was drawn to chaos magick precisely because there are no rules Neither lhp nor rhp its your own damn path

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I like to consider chaos magick free from LHP, mainly because chaos magicians imo are a bit more free flow and do what you want (despite the heavy fantasy side of it) while now a days LHP is literally just "Omg demons are our Gods, this God and that God is really just this demon’s mask spazz " lol exaggeration but that’s legit all I see in “new age” LHP, plus a lot of LHP is just breaking free from worshipping a Judeo God to worshipping a Demon(s) with a handful just being just as hypocritical as christians.


I personally only use magic for self modification.
I don’t curse, or boon for that matter.
If good things are yours, you’ll make them happen.
If negativity is yours, you’ll ruin yourself without my intervention.
I believe this process is why you’ll never see me in one of those “this guy has been ____ help me ____”
Don’t impose any will on someone else, good or bad.

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As a “chaote” and discordian i feel closer to lhp because I can practice that and still be nice sometimes but i feel if I practice rhp i shouldnt ever be mean lol

But why so many topics talking about the differences between them. Its all semantic.


I have some eclectic influences including chaos magick. I like the freedom of chaos magick, not having to adhere to either a left or right paradigm. I’m sort of a Unitarian Universalist kind of guy, into stuff like Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung, science including quantum theory, etc. so I am always exploring various schools of thought, not wanting to be strictly bound by just one paradigm.

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Chaos magick is “whatever works”. I’m not a young woman anymore and I honestly feel like I wasted my life dedicated to this discipline. It’s a lot of work. The meditation stuff alone is maddening. IMHO 🤷

Would you mind elaborating?

To answer OP, I don’t think so. I think it might depend on the individual.

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lhp>no rules>chaos

Chaos magick can be whatever the individual wants it to be, service to self, service to others, RHP, LHP, etc. chaos magick cannot exclusively be LHP atleast what LHP actually is and not the sugarcoated shit people call LHP now.


I think people who are drawn to chaos magick are the types who are alright breaking societies rules and expectations, at least to a point. Given that I believe it makes sense for the majority of Chaotes to be LHP, but its not a requirement. I think its possible to practice chaos magick and RHP, of course.

Now I typed this next bit up originally because I misunderstood the topic of discussion. I still believe its interesting enough to post though.

I’m conflicted. Chaos magick teaches belief as a tool, a mean to an end, but not the end itself. So if one frees themselves from the attachment to their beliefs, but still practices in an exclusively LHP fashion is that Chaos magick? Is a Christian who doesnt ever think of their beliefs but does it out of tradition a Chaos Mage when they bless and pray for people knowing the power they carry?

I think it comes to the individuals mindset. Chaos magick is less of a pracitce (imo) and more of a philosophy. A way of approaching life, a guidebook not a map. I oft tell people (as a self proclaimed chaos mage) magick is 100% about how you do 0% about what you do.

However the Discordian in me has a differing opinion. Chaos (to the discordian) is what is behind all our ideas of duality (namely in traditional discordianism order/disorder and creation/destruction). Chaos is the whole beyond our comprehension and she is Eris. So in that respect LHP is not Chaos as it is limited.

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Chaos magic really is the seeking of an unknown way. In seeking the unknown there is both good and bad within. Once you have decided to use that which is negative to ‘better’ oneself, you can only ‘better’ that which is negative within oneself. Chaos is merely another way to describe the unknown. The CHOICE you make in how to implement whatever it is you find, is the determining factor of the pathway you take. Of course ultimately there is only one pathway and indeed it is narrow.

I made a video on my YouTube channel a few weeks back on this exact subject


I think chaos magick is just a technique or more of a magickal philosophy not much of a theology. Where as right hand path and left hand path are more of a theological framework to orient your magickal actions.


Sugar coated? Can you elaborate? I’m sorry not to be negative I just like to see your view of what constitutes left hand path.