Is Chaos magic exclusively LHP?

Basically LHP is usually service to self, self empowerment in search for spiritual freedom and putting nothing above them, and delving in things often seen as taboo among magick practices (like sex magick in some circles are considered taboo) however, lately you see a lot of “LHP” people worshipping higher powers be it demons, or seeing source as the true god, etc, that’s what I mean by sugarcoated LHP. Basically LHP is a style of practice, no practice is inherently LHP imo but you can add a LHP twist to existing paths. Like chaos magick isnt LHP but you can twist it in a way that you can make it LHP for your own gain.

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What is chaos magick it seems i had a different interpretation

So left hand path is one where the well-being of the individual and empowerment is the main goal. The highest authority being the individual and not some godhead. Where as a person worshiping demons or Satan himself does not constitutes LHP but it would be more like a christian who shops his/hers clothing at Hot topic. They look all dark but deep down they want to be accepted and in a sense used by higher being. I see what you mean.
I look at my Divinities as a teacher student relationship. I believe that we are called to be like them not their servant. I hold great respect but in any situation the judgement is in my hands. They provide counsel and guidance but ultimately one does what one feels is best for us. If we fail at least we did it our way.
As a palero and sorcerer veneration and respect is the name of the game not worship and service. And here a lot gets misinterpreted. Like in palo we say we serve or attend the spirit but is more akin to a business relationship is a pact. I give you this you give me that. As long the pact is honored that spirit will be loyal to you.

Very true, I think it’s very difficult for people to break free from the structure of Christianity, so whatever they find next they just mold it to fit the structure they are used to.
It’s really quite a shock to go from such a structured religion like Christianity to something without much of a structure at all really, so it does give comfort, even if it is very dogmatic still.


Even in our magic at the beginning is a chaos of reading and experimentation but soon enough order arises and we end up with our own order of rituals and procedures.

Chaos magick is not LHP but due to the freedom it offers a lot of LHP practitioners like Koetting have adopted it. But if you look at Tyson’s Necronomicon and the subsequent grimoire is a work of chaos magick but with ceremonial structure with belenos Gnosticism philosophy which is very similar to yogic philosophy. But here is a chaos magick work that can be classed as RHP to a point. As becoming a living God sounds similar to yogic and gnostic self realization the lines gets more blurry. Grok?