Is Baphomet the child of Lilith and Samael?

not slut shaming Lilith BTW just saying she is the type of girl who I enjoy. sluts are awesome.

I’m sure there out there- I’m not sure why the whole quote by runescribe didn’t work and only “baphomet” came across? Is it a sign :man_shrugging:. I believe the work he drew the infamous “sabbatic goat” in was (translated) magick dogma and ritual or something like that- I also forget who provided English translation- it was either A.E Waite or McGregor. I was just saying I’m not 100% as I’ve never read of he referred to it as baphomet or not. Sabbatic goat I am certain. I also know the accounts of the templars “baphomet” confessed under torture was said to be that of the heads of animals, slain muslims, even heads of saints. Little consistency there- but then again when the bottom of your feets skin is being peeled off “in Gods holy name” I’m sure they’re memory was foggy. Anyways the other classic image of “baphomet” with the names Samael and Lilith- the infernal union I believe and again don’t quote me on it predates that of Levi’s goat. May have been the inspiration. Levi’s sabbatic goat when studied is a representation of mans dual nature

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Eliphas Levi was a self-described “Christian Mystic” so how his iconography could become synonymous with television and Hollywood’s take on “devil worship”- oh the irony.

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Did some homework- it was A.E Waite who translated.

My solution to this puzzle, evoke/invoke both Lilith and Lucifer, and ask for clarification. Alternatively, evoke Baphomet and ask him.


I’ve worked with Lilith for a long time. Lately she’s been bringing Samael around and asked me to work with him. I’ve evoked Lucifer before. If they are the same entity, they have very different aspects. Lucifer is warm and welcoming. Samael is a bit of a dick. No disrespect! I got used to him and get along well with his teaching style. Best way to describe him would be stern. But he’s starting to show a bit of a sense of humor. Especially since Lilith asked him to help me get my thoughts under control. I’d gotten a bit sloppy with that. He’s on it though!

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Some sources say that Asmodeus/Asmoday is the son of Samael and Lilith, though I’m not sure about Baphomet.


Now that a new one. What sources?

Has anyone evoked him before?? Might be something I look into. :confused:

I’ve heard a story that Asmodeous was born of a human and Demoness.

Like a hybrid so to speak.

In old European mythology and literature they call the osspring of a demon and human a ‘Cambion’.
I know that the osspring of a human and demon are incredibly powerful, which some say why Asmodeous rose as a demonic king.


Just found this.

" According to the Kabbalah, Asmodeus is a cambion, born as the result of a union between King David, and the Queen of Demons named Agrat Bat Mahlat ".


Also I see Baphomet as the dark goddess.

My own gnosis I received when working with the infernal brotherhood and sisterhood go on to talk about the union of the dark horned god and the dark bloody goddess.

These two dark lovers are like Ahriman and Az Jahi. My gnosis states that the infernal four gatekeepers once merged are the masculine pillar of hell.

When Lilith and her sisters merge they are the feminine pillar of hell.
This is symbolic of the dark masculine and feminine forces of the infernal empire.


They’re all online. However, that doesn’t mean the sources are true. I have no idea if Asmodeus is related to Lilith and Samael or not.

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Then is she a mask or aspect of Lilith or someone totally different?

Some say she’s a mask however this is incorrect.

They are all four sisters.

Lilith, Naamah, Eistheth Zeninum and Agrat Bat Mahlat.


I have reason to believe Baphomet is Cain, meaning he would be son of Lilith and Samael.


It seems to me that the Baphomet is an egregoric entity. A powerful one, but still an egregore of sorts. Yes the name goes back to the Templar, however it’s generally thought that it’s a corruption of Mohammed. Which would make quite a bit of sense. The modern Baphomet is credited to Levi. However being a symbol of an intangible force, the unity of opposites, it lends itself easily to a more “solid” Godform. From there Baphomet can retroactively fit into any demonic Mythos its frequency matches with. The same can be said with many entities we work with, only tweaking the formula a bit.



Cain is the son of Eve, but some people believe that either Samael or Lucifer is the actual father.

Within the Luciferian tradition, Baphomet is regarded as a formula for ascension; brought into being by the copulation of Samael (Black Flame) and Lilith (Desire to Ascend), within the circle of the Timeless Dragon Leviathan. He is also considered to be a higher form or mask of Cain the First of Witchblood. According to lore, Samael copulated with Eve to beget Cain. There’s many versions and perspectives, it all depends on your purpose of working.