Is Baal the god that impregnated Mary?

Please go to 1:29:35, they say that a story has been passed down and changed into jesus.

Is he talking about baal the demon in the goetia?

Dunno but the lineage of the Gospels is pretty solid if I recall correctly, so i doubt it. :thinking:


I don’t personally believe the immaculate conception story for a second. She got her rocks off and found a great way to hide it. So no.


In my system, Mary is a great Qabalistic whore, and as such it doesn’t matter if she was fucked by God, Baal or by a dove as it’s often said in jokes in my country.

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It was Thomas Wayne, and he got what he fucking deserved. :clown_face:


Does that mean that Batman is the real son of god? I knew it! :flushed:

@DarkestKnight thoughts? Is this blasphemy against The Bat? :thinking:


LOL, Jesus just found a daddy.