Is Astral sex the same as Physical sex

Just getting started in astral projection but im just curious to know if astral sex and physical sex the same, like do you still fill the sensations or is it completely different.


Never had any of them but I heard astral sex is 10 times more powerful cause you get your chakra stimulated


It’s not the same, but it’s similar to physical sex, depending on what astral senses you’re using during an astral project session.

You don’t need Clairvoyance (seeing), unless you want to watch a stripshow and masturbate to it.
You don’t need Clairaudience (hearing)…unless you want to talk dirty, like a phonesex call.

…but you do need Clairsentience (feeling) and an open Head Chakra for the physical experience. Of course you can combine the ability to feel with seeing and hearing to enhance the experience, but it’s not as essential, because the physical act of sex speaks in volumes solely on the behalf of the ability to feel.

Astral sex, and sex with spirits are much more powerful, because the sexual act stimulates the entire nervous system and the physical stimulation goes beneath the first layer of our skin. Why? Because the electrical conduits is our nerves and our bloodstream is more sensitive to spirit energies. A spirits touch is often much weaker on the top of our skin, in contrast to the resistance behind the layers.


It’s very very different. Personally after having astral sex for a while physical sex didn’t even really appeal to me any more.
Astral sex is a lot more intimate


it’s like your partner is able to reach through you and touch you from the inside and outside at the same time, and taking you to the point of orgasm and just keep you there
for me it’s not about the release, but the feeling of being taken to the very edge and never pushed over, hard to explain really.

it’s alot more delicate and subtle than physical touches, and it makes physical touches seem very primitive

(more spirit sex than astral)


Here I am wondering how I can combine these two. I reckon I could make girls quite grateful by having the combinenation of physical sex but also the astral part. :thinking:

Gosh. I need to call up my homeboi Sitri😈


I have never had any experience of this, how can I start having astral sex or something similar.


Astral sex is much more whole and complete of an experience which is why so many end up having sex with only spirits and people like me. Lol


Give me the physical stuff any day.


Is there any book explaining how to do it. :no_mouth: I mean astral sex, not the physical one, I am not that miserable yet.


Add to this a layer of possession and damn, life changing experience. Possession with spirits you trust is incredibly intimate.


@Goku you killed me


LMAOOO!!! Pleasee


Well. Astral project. Find a spirit you’re comfortable with and ask them if they’re down or not. I watched a video of this guy saying one time he astral projected he met this woman and how she was really beautiful and he wondered what it would be like to have sex with her. And because thoughts aren’t really “private” in the astrals i guess, she responded with just a yes and climbed on top of him. Haha he said he was so startled he was brought back to his body.


It’s hard to put into words. Its deep, sensual, awesome, and much more. You connect with the spirit on a level that you just don’t find in physical sex. It’s like you become one with each other in that moment, and you don’t want it to end. It’s addicting as fuck.


Yeah, astral projecting, that’s the hard part. But seems like the picking part is quite easy. And thoughts aren’t private in the astral world :open_mouth: that’s fucked up. It will be impossible to have a conversation with relatives in the astral plane, it seems. And hopefully i don’t have to worry about astral condom there :joy:


I don’t… think so?? Actually I never thought about this.
Well I mean I never had an astral kid so I think you’re good.


so I presume you can astral travel and have already done it. That’s cool. :sunglasses:

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I know a few witches who have astral kids. Just be safe and have fun. XD


What :scream:how :dizzy_face: I mean the mechanics of it, how does it work :no_mouth:

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