Is ahriman an archon artifical intelligece god

Do you think this guy is just making this stuff up. Is the demon ahriman actually an artificial intelligence god?

Is ahriman wanting to destroy the multiverse?

Go to 22 minute mark

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Definitely nonsense my friend. :smiley:

AFAIK, there is neither a god that is an AI nor there is a god of artifivial intelligence. Xaturing maybe become one, when the time comes. And Galactic Warfare? Just no.

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The lore does say that he sees manifest creation as an anomaly that should be dissolved, yes.

For more on this, the author Kurtis Joseph did years of research and laid out the story in his book, the Black Book of Ahriman. This is a grimoire so you can use the methods to work with these energies as well: ime, skip Zohak and just work with the Divs, they are powerful and awesome, just thier presence is gorgeous to sense.

For another side of this story, and from a more alchemical perspective rather than a mythical one, check out the collection of Rudolph Steiner’s lectures on Ahriman. In these he posits that there is no duality, it’s that humans are balanced between Ahrimanic energy aka the desire for total control, and Luciferic energy, aka the desire for absolute freedom. We need both, but either taken t extremes causes problems.

The Incarnation of Ahriman: The Embodiment of Evil on Earth: Seven Lectures Given Between October and December 1919

The Influences of Lucifer and Ahriman: Human Responsibility for the Earth

Seconded, this part is fiction, "because the plot has to happen" [Critical Drinker] :smiley:

Ahriman is very real. “Real” depending in how you define it, but Ai isn’t actually real in terms of self aware intelligence yet, and I think it never will be, not without spirit, which it doesn’t have and it’s creators have not figured out how to integrate an egregore into the shell, or that they need to. Ahriman is all spirit.


I’ve always seen the difference between Ahriman and Lucifer same as Enki and Enlil or Horus and Set

Chaos and Order, Light and Darkness

They’re still very connected with the dimensional realities of human consciousness whether it be creative or destructive

There’s still a lot of misconceptions regarding what archons are

A lot of people think LHP entities are archons and a lot of LHP magicians see a lot of assumed Fake RHP archetypes like Yahweh and JCI emissaries to be archons

I personally see Archons as beings that have no creative energy, meaning they are black holes so they have to feed on soul energy to survive

I’m not sure if Ahriman falls into that category however I’ve learned a lot of beings that are like Ahriman, infernal wisdom and knowledge, if he’s primordial which I’m assuming he is, it would make sense why he wants the manifest world destroyed much like Set, beings of primordial chaos wish to bring the manifest energy back to spiritual potential, so they may be able to help you with qualities of your primordial nature and become a more spirit based consciousness rather than physical that’s something I learned from chaos entities

When you see it from the perspective Ahriman can be a force that dissolves your self identification with the material world but it’s good to keep that balanced so you don’t lost touch with this reality

Ahriman is a true existing God and a very powerful one beyond life and death. For the human mind is probably very hard to understand Ahriman but he is Chaos, Life and infinite devouring Darkness.