Is 528hz evil/ a portal to bring bad luck in your life?

Hi guys, hope y‘all doing great!

I used solfeggio frequencies a long time for healing.
Actually the second last time me and my friend listened to 528hz was the day before the police raided his house. (He got legal problems because of his use with drugs)

Then we did not think as much about it, so like 2/3 months later i sent him a link to an nice meditation video based on the 528hz frequency, and the next morning his house got raided again, because he got a fake vaccine card and went to the pharmacy with it.

How come he gets problems with the law/ gets busted everytime he is listening to 528hz? I know that 528hz is the planetary frequency of saturn

PS: 4 the fact that he got busted for the fake vaccine card, would that mean that Saturn/Satan is telling him to really get the shot of vaccine? Why else would he get busted for it if the vaccine is not dangerous.

I know it‘s a lot of questions now. I would like to hear what y‘all think about this


Edit : I dont want to associate solfeggio frequencies, with bad luck. Everyone‘s spirit reacts different to different energys.
So really I can‘t say „wow thats evil“ it might be evil for me, and have good benefits for you.

So what I want so say is, everyone has to do his own experiences.
So please drop down below your experiences with solfeggio frequencies !:slight_smile:



The answer is no, it’s not. I meditate to the Solfeggio frequencies almost every day and I’ve never had anything happen.

He’s breaking the law, so it could just be coincidence that he got busted.

Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times is a pattern.

He committed fraud. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the vaccine, and everything to do with him engaging in illegal activity.

Saturn isn’t “Satan.” And no, again, Saturn has nothing to do with the vaccine. Don’t conflate the two.


Saturn is the stern grandfather, the planet of limitation, death, time, and restriction. Zazel and YHVH rule Binah/Satariel/Saturn…

There was a time where we did not have these high frequencies, even in an orchalestra. There was a slow increase of Hz in music over time. Sonic warfare is real btw, can kill wildlife and drive humans psychotic.


Hm ok thanks for clearing me up

Can you tell more about the sonic warfare?

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There has for the past 20 of so years creation of acoustic weapons.

Subliminally audio.

Watch s movie, you are told how to feel by the music, is it happy, is it sad, and then try watching the sceen with out the music, see if that scene has the same effect.

Sorry if this is off topic, but PM if you would like more info


Can you tell more about the sonic warfare?

Not at the moment, I’m at work for the next three hours.

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Just a reflection, but if he has drug and law issues and you guys were focused on a cure, then he’s probably going to pay for the act of breaking the law and maybe he’ll rethink not continuing on drugs… It seems like Saturn has been fixing things in his life.

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That might be true, i heard saturn rules karma

And again… he was listening to some meditation music over night, woke up to 528hz, and had an car accident this morning, why is this man always having bad luck trying to be happy ?

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Sorry to hear you’ve had bad experiences. That said, I question whether this is universally true/applicable. If you’ve associated a certain frequency with bad luck, then your brain is primed to search for those patterns, and in effect, creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Also, that screenshot is… word salad. Buzzword salad. Which is fine if it was created by an ESL speaker, but as a native English speaker, I personally do not find it compelling.

If you are looking for advice, perhaps you could look into finding other frequencies which negate the above, or other magical ways of working around it.


Could you share the link to the snapshot provided by you, so we can read it thoroughly?

Infernal Blessings

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Please check out this link and share your thoughts on this:

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To this point, OP is of the same mind and meant to share his personal experience, while hoping to hear of others’ personal experiences with these frequencies, as well… it’s not so much about troubleshooting/advice as much as sharing stories.

I have updated the OP to add that clarification in a little “Edit” section. :slight_smile: :+1:


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sorry i did not know that

So, I like the deep, Earthy frequencies, I listen to 4Hz (Theta) when in ritual, and this is my all time fave meditation music when I’m not drumming or listening to recorded shamanic drums … but too much and I can get depressed instead of relaxed. I’m a very yin person and most of the time I find it simply gentle and relaxing, but not for all day, and not for doing work at the computer, or gardening, it’s great for ritual and sleeping.
Some people hate it and it makes them miserable.

I think it’s like nutrients for your fields, you can have too much of a good thing, and as like attracts like, if you have changed your fields to contain more of one frequency you can attract more activity, people and events in line with that frequency, good and bad.

528Hz is called the Love Frequency. It’s supposed to be healing. This is in conflict with my system and makes my heart center kind of ache, I feel very irritated and I can’t listen to it for more than a few seconds. I literally feel under attack.

So I think, as we are all vibrating differently and have different things going on in our systems, that’s normal, we just have to try stuff, find what works and keep that.


This is what I love about this path. No feeling like “hey something is wrong with me.” just because something isn’t working for you, or works differently for you. I don’t miss one size fits all religion.


Note to self: read OP before commenting :grimacing: :joy:

On-topic… I have listened to a handful of solfreggio frequencies and a lot of subliminals, and never noticed anything bad happening to me as a result (or at least have not attributed it to that). Subliminals definitely put me through a period of chaos but it was a matrix of a lot of chaotic forces coming together, and it was a good chaos – an elevation. I have used solfreggio/planetary frequencies before for ritual, and never noticed any negative side-effects.