Invoking the dreaded(also beautiful and lovable) sepheranz

This is quite a tricky one as I started invoking her and meditating and an hour during invocation i decided to read here about her. I found out what she can truly be. Little did i realize this was already starting to happen.

Sepheranz during that hour had prepared all my trauma, painful experiences, insecurities and addictions and just waited to bring it to the surface as it a little while later did. She also during that hour had cut off contact with all other spirits and were impersonating them as i found out rather quickly as the energies felt off and as i realized that a spider appeared in my minds eye.

As i understood she had already weaved me in i felt that i had to fight back. I told her she didnt have any control of me and remained calm as she regularly during the next 2 days got almost complete control over my body, synchronicticly gave me constant reminders of addictions, past pain, that I was never loved and spiders. This decision to invoke her also happened while a false twin flame was writing down all of my thoughts for all of Norway to see and the guy living upstairs was always commenting. And I would later find out that her and my own brother met a gas station the past years to plot my destruction and get me to commit suicide. She gave me complete insomnia. I was awake for 40+ hours as she completely drained my energy within a few minutes so I was left there the weakest I have ever felt. I still fought back though saying there was nothing she could do. The next day I slept for around 12 hours and the 40+ hour insomnia began again and all of this continued the next day.

As i have followed lucifer the past months and he told me i am his child i had complete and undying faith that he would save me. Well, that didnt happen as i still couldnt contact him as the energies felt off. She even asked me. “Do you really think he is going to save you”
This is when I first started to worry.

I went out for a smoke and starting thinking. I asked myself, can I escape from the web myself? no I couldnt. Could i contact other demons to help? no i couldnt. So then i wondered. Why not just let her eat you. I read that she is there to teach. So what if you just let her eat you. I went back in. invoked her and said I give up control and let you eat me. I then felt a strong sting in my toe as my body felt quite paralysed. It all went away within that day.

3 days later I felt really powerful and ready to handle most things in life. So i invoked her again. It felt good to let her eat me. Now i have her respect and it felt alot easier the second time as i let go of control, didnt fight back and just let her eat me. The energy draining was still there, the insomnia was still there, the pain was still there the second time but i had strangely found inner peace with it aswell.
A beautiful being everyone should try out. I felt love from her eventually.


as a side note: This has made me quite of an expert at discerning which spirit I am talking to as sepheranz has tested me twice. I know when I am speaking to lucifer, sepheranz, abaddon, euronymous, lilith, choronzon, santa muerte, azazel as the energies feel completely different. I am writing this as many perhaps havent explored the darker and worse side of lucifer as he doesnt show it unless he knows you still love him. I dare you. Invoke Sepheranz and see for yourself.

Remarkable. Have you spoken to her… male consort?

cant say that i have

Ah ok. which spirit do you think is best for gaining siddhis and occult knowledge

depends. I have mostly tried baneful magick and it is on its way to materialize and abaddon, lucifer, lilith and euronymous has helped me with that. When it comes to personal strength and perserverance i would use sepheranz as she can literally transform your life. If you want destruction of something in your life or a new beginning abaddon would be best as he is the destroyer. Euronymous can teach you dark curses. Lucifer can teach you literal ego death. I have mostly done alot of self work so this is what i have to give as of this moment.