Invoking Glasya Labolas

Firstly, I want to preface that I’m not experienced with invocation whatsoever. This was my first time so no surprise, wasn’t incredible.
I started witchcraft close to a year ago and over the past few months (quarantine :upside_down_face:) I’ve started taking interest in and working with demons. The first night after I’d done some research on the 72 demons of the Ars Goetia, I was visited by a winged dog in my dreams. Looked it up the next day, GLASYA LABOLAS. At the time I was a little terrified seeing as his domains included pain and murder. However, after communicating through dreams, tarot and pendulum readings, I’d ruled out he meant me any harm. Anyway, one day I ran the idea passed GL of invocation. He was very excited to say the least. So that morning I did everything and initially it was amazing. After the first invocation I immediately felt his presence. It was unlike anything I’d felt before. Anywho, the night before we talked in my dreams about what we’d do together tomorrow. I was going to the mall with some friends and he said “Yes yes yes we are doing this go” so obviously he was not opposed to the idea of us doing this. So, we go to the mall just for an afternoon with friends and it was magical. I always felt his presence, although quiet most of the time since we were just chilling and my attention was split 50/50 between him and my friends. However, the longer we were there the worse I started to feel. I got a terrible stomach ache, mild headache ache and a little weakness. Once we got home I gave him the license to leave but and felt fine but was still pretty tired. I just wanted to know, is this normal? I just figured because this was my first invocation and we were together longer than expected but I’d love to hear what you all think.

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I did medidate on him a few years ago and the energy was one of the darkest I ever encountered. Dark not malicious.

I’m sure it’s normal as some invocations are intense

I couldn’t agree more strongly on this point. Glasya-Labolas is an extremely intense spirit that genuinely fits the title of being a demon, in that he is one of deep darkness. But I will echo that this does not mean he’s malicious to the Sorcerer - far from it! He does seem to enjoy harming or killing the enemies of the Sorcerer when requested, though.

I recently asked him to kill someone I learned was a pedophile, and I trust that he will deliver.