Invoking Belial/Random offering request?

Last night I performed my first invocation of Belial. I have evoked Belial previously, and overall the invocation went generally as expected. Although two unexpected things happened. Post-ritual, I stepped outside and mediated more. When I came back inside, my house reeked of sulfur and a general odor of rottenness. I have never smelled such an unpleasant odor when working with Belial. Also - a burner on my stove was turned on, and was most certainly not on before I stepped outside.

It didn’t feel threatening, just odd. I set an intention as I went to sleep to be given guidance in my dream, as to what offering Belial would like.

The dream/offering request that ensued seemed more random than things I’ve previously experienced. I dreamt I was in a house that I have dreamt of previously, and I read from a book that I have read from in previous dreams. But this is where it took a slight turn; Belial and I then proceeded to take a walk, and as I walked with Belial, he requested chocolate ice cream, with a chocolate rose in the center. As I got it, he smiled, and said “this is what I want”.

I’ve never had that random of a request from a spirit. Am I to take that literally and go on a scavenger hunt of sorts to physically recreate the item that I had in my dream?

I have no doubt that it was Belial I invoked and not another spirit - his familiar presence was unmistakable. It just all feels a bit random and I’m not quite sure I understand the meaning. Is there anything I’m missing here, or should I just roll with it and get the ice cream?


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I’d say no. Iv read a post on here that a guy had a request (maybe from Belial?) for his pocket watch. :joy: I don’t know what hell need that for unless just the looks. But I feel that sometimes the offerings they want isn’t just because they want example ice cream. I feel sometimes they ask such things to get an idea about you as well.
In the past Iv given mostly incense do to me being mostly broke then. But one day my friend got me a tiny single shot of alcohol. Now Iv been craving a good drink but I decided to give it as an offering instead. Even though it was a small cheep alcohol thing, by me giving it as an offering, I basically showed a form of sacrifice and a special gift.
So just look back at the dream and re play it in your mind. It could mean something els as well and not just an offering of amazing chocolate ice cream with a chocolate rose, all though that sounds delicious too! Hell I’d probably just offer that anyways :joy: The only thing is I know it’ll melt. But hey couldn’t hurt. But knowing how offerings go, it could have more of a meaning behind it then the offering it self. :thinking:


Ended up making it anyway! Made a rose out of modeling chocolate and stuck it inside of the ice cream as described; we’ll see how it goes :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:

It turned out to be quite the interesting process. It has taken the past 4 days to complete; it just kind of kept getting dragged out as more inconveniences popped up. And the more time passed that I didn’t have it completed, the more intense the poltergeist activity got around me. In fact, it’s been some of the most blunt and bold poltergeist activity I’ve ever experienced.

Which oddly enough had completely stopped once I completed the ritual.


Fascinating :thinking: I had strange requests as offerings before too when I’m actually sitting here and thinking about it. Kinda like earlier this week I was doing a ritual and I was thinking of giving blood as an offering. Iv been working long enough to feel comfortable enough to give it. But the thing is I didn’t have any thing to prick my finger with and having no money at the time I had no way to get any sowing needles. Then just the day before last I came home from a long days of work but was going to try and read a bit of the complete works. I sat down and some how I cut my finger. It was not a big cut nor did I even realize until I saw blood on my book. :joy: I then went to give some immediately. After Iv done so I felt more connected to him :thinking: I find it funny where the blood wound up being at and only this spot too. (P.S I hope I’m not braking any rules by photographing this one little area of the book. If I am I’m sorry! :hugs:)

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First time ever evoking King Belial last night Nov. 29. And I did go again what alot of people on here say. I did invoke him a few days before I evoked him because I like being a rebel. Yes his energy was very fucking strong! I felt like I was falling and flying up and going left and going right all at the same time. I could almost feel him in me physically. Was pretty badass honestly. But then I evoked him. Didn’t see full image did see his yellow eye (just one) that others talk about. But his requested offer was well… interesting. He requested I give him dead bees, honey, the honey comb, chocolate, and my own blood on a gold colored dish. And wanted sexual energy given to him as well. Anyone have anything similar?

That is a lot of stuff… :sweat_smile:


I agree. Asking for that much stuff is…unusual…


That oddly specific too? I mean, I’m not going to question the legitimacy but I’m very skeptical…


Yeah, that makes two of us. Could be a push-back test.


I think he asked for alot being that what I was evoking and asking him for is kinda alot. Probably more than most stuff people evoke and make pacts for.

Push back test? Like if I will agree to all of it or just one part?

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Sometimes you get tested to see if you’ll stick up for yourself or set reasonable limits. It can/does show in different ways. If Belial asked me for all of that, I’d say it was a ridiculous request. Don’t be afraid to counter-offer or even walk away and re-negotiate at a later time/date. I’ve done this with several entities and it’s worked out in my favor each time. Some other entity may be willing to do the same for less than the laundry list he gave you.


I’ve had this happen several times, and the entity has always sought me out later and met me where I was willing to give.

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Awh ok I’m picking up what you’re laying down. Makes sense. I honestly agreed to it all just because it was my first time ever working with a demonic king. And didn’t want to make him upset. Even when he said stuff that normally I’d crack up laughing at I bit my tongue. But I think as I build that relationship in the future I’ll learn my boundaries and how to be respectful still

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Ok thats a cool take on it Keteriya. So kinda you did what you could and the spirit said like thats good you’re trying so don’t worry type thing?

Well kinda like they wanted me to do something, that goes against my personal values.

I’ve had it happen a few times, and I just say no. Sometimes it’s a laughable situation and clearly they are pushing the boundaries. Either way I say no, let me know if you’re interested in operating in a manner that works for me, otherwise have a goodnight.

I’ve honestly never felt that way. I am the operator and they are the spirit, and I intent to maintain that I am the operator and won’t be walked upon or simply used. We can have a working relationship or you can find someone that will let you do whatever you want somewhere else. :woman_shrugging:

Ok hmmm ok (my way of typing my thoughts). This makes me think I should of asked for something easier considering I’m deathly allergic to bees :man_facepalming::man_facepalming: and their honey is pretty close behind :man_facepalming:. Oh I know this is separate but did he ever refer to you in an odd way? He kept calling me “Sir Chris” (chris is my name) when he showed up i formally introduced myself as Christopher (which I never do) and he kept saying “sir chris”. Just curious

Call him back up and re-negotiate. Can’t hurt.


I did want to evoke him again because I did feel like I had more I wanted to discuss but I went blank towards the end. But I may try that tomorrow night when im not deadly exhausted from work. But honestly didn’t know you could renegotiate. I always thought you deni the request and the spirit is like “welp fine figure it out yourself”.

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