Invoked many of the 72 Goetia demons over the weekend- feel quite powerful... more women and money.. how to move forward, and special praise for Belial and Gremory particularly!

There’s another thing I’m doing which I may explain in a seperate post in more detail, but once I fire a spell, I will put it in a list (undated) and change the statement to an “I am” statement or Afformation type statement e.g. such as “I am/Why am I suddently getting so much more unexpected money and treasures without seeking them” so it’s a pseudo book of shadows but it means when I want to refer back to a past spell instead of lusting the immediate frame is that this thing has taken place already at some point in the future.

I also noticed requests that are too lengthy or strictly timebound provokes lust e.g. X has to fall in love with me in the next 2 weeks- that tends to be too strict and you’ll obsess over it, you’re setting yourself up for failure that way… so I’m also in the process of splitting up and re-doing some of the earliest, not so well thought through requests to remove all references to time, and split some requests into 2 or 3 new seperate requests.

Thanks for your input !
I’m a terrible drawer myself so I completely understand :rofl: I read demons acknowledge the call regardless of the aesthetic quality of the sigil cause intentions are what matters.
But for my first attempts using the method in this book, I’ll probably use the pictures first and see how it goes :slightly_smiling_face:


You can trace the sigil with your fingers. Or use tracing paper if you want some resemblance of the sigil.


I had never thought of tracing with your fingers, going to try this out later for my next ritual!

Greetings I love belial. I need help to worship him even more

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Welcome @RenzLovesBelial Please properly introduce yourself in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

Make sure you see yourself as some sort of a leader and are mentally tough and both deserve and give respect. He can make you feel really determined and able to break through any challenge in life, that’s the greatest thing I’ve learnt from him.

I saw myself as a field marshall or commander of a large army and that he was the defacto deputy, he seems to like that, we sometimes share a nice vape or meat pie together to celebrate as offerings…

Hail Belial!!

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Another update.

So to add extra power into my rituals and spells, I’ve added several additional (small) steps to Henry Archer’s combined angels and demons method to charge it a little further (I’ve taken this from Damon Brand’s various books)

  1. I now imagine a flash of lightning each time I call a spirits name. Heaven, thunder and earth are connected using this.
  2. At the point where I say thank you to the spirits, I also transmute the emotion and project into the future as if living in the end- as Neville Goddard would put it.
  3. Upon thank you, I imagine an image of the Sun and the Moon fusing together- and my third eye and (optional) heart chakra connecting with a golden beam of light. I pour this energy onto the sigil then let it fade. I got this from Dr Pillai a famous Yogi Compress time for manifestation
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Did you have any experience of summoning demons before? And how was Sitri like? I wanna work with him.

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Is method of DOM and the angels and demons beginner friendly?

Yes absolutely.

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Gordon winter field and Henry Archer books ? Even for Prince Sitri?


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Especially Prince Sitri.

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Prince Sitri is one of the 72 listed in both Winterfield and Archer’s books with some detailed descriptions, attending angels and invocation keys.

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I did not have any experience of demons before, I read the Gordon Winterfield book to give me an in depth undertstanding of the best mindset to have as well as the various powers. I don’t have as much experience of working with Prince Sitri as some of the others, at some point will do more with him in matters of romance.


Another thing I would add is that for those of you who are nervous because you haven’t worked with Goetia before, develop a relationship with Metatron and or Raziel to clear your energy and ground you. I am very in tune with Metatron and find him a guiding light at all times and he gives me strength, patience, and fearlessness and self love abundantly.

I posted this ritual that I adapted and improved from Damon Brand’s Sword banishing ritual- in the original you call on Yohach to your right, Kalach to your left they hold up two swords which cross then Na Za-Re-Ell expands from your heart like a star, I added the extra step of Metatron from above coming down then exploding outwards far and wide that may help with clearing your energy


He’s pleasant to work with and usually easy to contact.


Prince Sitri’s Enn is:

Lirach alora vefa Sitri

For a simple method you may want to chant/ Meditate to this and gaze at the sigil whilst calling Sitri then imagining the outcome.

Apart from matters of romance/lust Sitri can also help with being resilient in an adverse situation until you are victorious, I’m planning on doing a ritual later today to help with some business challenges.

This meditation has his Enn


Thanks so much. Im going to try this tonight when Im off work.