Invoke Exu rei

Without disrespect and just wanting initiate conversation as an outsider, how would one gently call on Exu Rei ?

If this was me, I would probably get myself a book on Quimbanda first and do some “preparatory immersion” to get a feeling for the energy surrounding this entity.

I would not invoke it to start with, letting an entity inside me needs a bit more of an intro to build some trust first. But I rarely invoke and always journey out or evoke.


Yes I have been reading about Quimbanda for the last year but haven’t felt the call to begin until now. Simply charging the sigil with gazing and meditation could be harmless I imagine

Aren’t there any rituals in these books you can use? :thinking:

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Not really suggested to go into it without an initiation into a lineage.

Well that’s already out of the window considering your posts show you’re doing that anyway, and you had another post (as well as many more on here related to the same idea with voodoo) that mages can contact whoever they like, and it’s between them and the spirit.

Makes no difference using western occult summoning techniques. If there’s a ritual in the book go ahead and try it. The entity will be familiar with that energy so I’d try that first.

Other than that, I’d use the exact same evocation techniques as for any other spirit. Search here for “evocation tutorial”.