Invocation of Ugandan Knuckles

Disclaimer: Full Credit for the Idea goes to @Dinmiatus People!

Ugandan Knuckles:


My bruddas
You will find the way. Fuse with each other in de war and you will find victory. No matter how many of you die, there will always be more to take you alls place. So really, the LHP Consciousness can never die because it is a self regenerating organism. It reproduces itself in you all. De True Way is the Middle way. And it will take you to your Queen, the LHP. She is a Legit being and not just a path. She is known by many names. Some say Lilith, Some say Vashikaran, some say Kali or Shakti. But she is a Spirit and the embodiment of the LHP
And the names mentioned abobe are her forms or maska and carry hee essence.
Always remeber this my bruddas,
You have a better chance with victory if you fuse together as one and become a Meta-Entity. There are more with you than against you.

Vision of Ugandan Knuckles tribe

Find the Queen, and Protect the Queen. Give your enemies Ebola and spit on them for they do not know the wae


End Note:
Be careful when invoking him. He does carry the Ebola energy. Those jokes he made in the videos werent really jokes lolol


click click click click click


Does this mean that you’ll get Ebola if you invoke him?

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Also, what is the Middle Way?

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Not necessarily. It just means that his energy is kinda toxic lol. It wont manifest in the physical if you evoke him

The Middle way is the way of non attachment. Destroying the (ENERGIES) of the people, places, things, objects, and spirits that block your Ascent. Also its destroying the desires that block your path to Ascent. When you do that, you have complete power. That power allows you to REGAIN your desires without the possibility of you loosing them.
(For example, the homeless guy that wins the $1M lotto, then goes broke the next day. He got his desire, but because of attachment to poverty, he lost it)


Not the left or the right.


@Anziel_Merkaba You are so wrong for that :joy::joy::joy:

I’m right though. It isn’t the right or the left…

It’s the right and the left.


Thats exactly it


Or ask Rafiki

Though that may hurt :joy:


I live in the middle path. Heck, when my buddy who does professional scrying does a scry for me, he always gets twilight (the time of day) symbolism. He also gets a lot of elemental and celestial imagery too.


Thats awesome man!

Yeah, the last time he did a scry, he saw a chimera (a winged lion with the tail of a serpent) standing on water (like an ocean or large lake) that was bubbling from a fire underneath it at twilight.

He usually sees a lot more stuff, but he just did a super quick look. Like, 15 seconds quick.

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Thank you,

What are you trying to become on the Middle Way?

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The state you are looking for and will Attain is the Kaulachara:
The Person who has lost all desire, gained all power, and has now achieved anything, and can get away with anything.
Live example:

I was taking cash from my register at work cause i needed to pay some bills and my check hadnt arrived. I went into a non attached state (Kaulachara) and did the theft. They were aware money was missing, but to this day they never found who.
Point in case: I was non attached to the money, so i was not caught by the money

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THAT is being the middle way lolol


Oh dear Morrigan no.


Up next is Dora the explorer

Please don’t fucking tell me we’re actually gonna summon Dora at some point :joy:

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Wait would Boots be Dora’s familiar :thinking::thinking:

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DAMN RIGHT :joy::joy::joy::joy:
Taking this shit to the nth degree

But i am gonna do some serious invocations with Gods, and Demons, and Angels