Invocation of Pazuzu, the Mesopotamian Storm God

Tonight I preformed a ritual from Baal Kadmons book Pazuzu Rising. Pazuzu is one of those spirits I’ve always been fascinated with, and it seems most modern day occultists never seem to call upon. There’s little to no information out there about him compared to the abundance of material about expierences with popular Goetic spirits. I did a ritual involving an invocation calling upon Pazuzu for personal power. Not gonna lie, his presence is downright terrifying at first. I’ve called upon many Goetic spirits, but I was literally shaking halfway through. After I pulled myself together, his presence became almost electrifying. His energy is extremely strong, some of the strongest I’ve felt. I provided a sacrifice of meat/animal blood, along with sexual fluids, which he seemed to like. Part of my pact was to share more information about him, so here it is. Hopefully this will help anyone who considers calling upon him


Definitely a good ally to have, I have worked with him for awhile now. He tends to like eggs as well for some reason, or at least that is that is something he seemed to want in combination of blood from me.


He’s great. I’ve found he likes citrus fruits and cedar/cedarwood incense.


Just out of curiosity what have you called on him for? In the grimoire Baal Kadmon gives 4 rituals; one for power, healing, destruction of enemies, and prosperity. I’m not sure if he’s stronger in one area over another

Destruction of an enemy financially and protection of my wife and children when they were sick mainly. I’m not sure if he would be stronger or weaker in any of those areas as they all tie in to his mythos and is pretty fast at the results.

I’ve read Pazuzu Rising but have done rituals with him long before that. I just want to let you know you don’t always have to offer him blood and meat. I’m a vegetarian so many offerings to him have been citrus, white flowers, frankincense and myrrh, and alcohol. He doesn’t seem picky at all.

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Interesting, yeah I was honestly just going off the grimoire and offerings others have given him. Good to know tho. Did you try any of the rituals from Pazuzu Rising?

I have not done the rituals from the book, but I have performed protection/hexing magic that is in some ways similar to the spell he has in there. I’ve never done anything remotely sexual with Pazuzu, though I’ve been tempted to multiple times. Lol. It would probably make for a wild ride, pun intended.

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Hail Pazuzu, I called on him for a second time today

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Guys daemonic drems,. Com has a pazuzu book. Besides baal kadmon. Amd a yt guyand a portugeses book on amqzon kindle, its a book in italia i want to get. In pazuzu. But thanks 4 u experience.

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I’ve read the book by the Portuguese author. It’s short and right to the point

Secrets to experience a powerful connection with Pazuzu:

  • Known as King of the Wind Demons, he is Humwawa’s brother within the pantheon of the gods of Daath.
  • Only talk to those whom Lucifer considers worthy, so it is a test of legitimacy that the summoner faces as his presence gives a certificate that the summoner is considered worthy in the presence of the great emperor Lucifer. Data validates this, and it is the first test the spell passes.
  • Pursue the destruction of Lucifer’s enemies in every way. Pazuzu in His Majesty refers to Lucifer as his “teacher” at all times, when he speaks he always says … *** master Lucifer ***
  • Dark angel smiling of the four wings “” Lord of all fevers and plagues "are its qualifiers, the most accurate description of its demonic form is with it is considered to have four wings, it is represented with the head of a lion or a dog, with a snake-headed penis, In addition, it is said that it has bulging eyes, a scaly body, the tail of a scorpion and the claws of an eagle.
  • Another characteristic thing is that Pazuzu tends to manifest with Kutulu and the way to recognize him in his manifestation is that he always stands with one hand pointing up and another pointing down like Baphomet, and a spiral vortex composed of curved rays (some blacks and others purple). At all times it manifests and has manifested itself in this position.
  • The Necronomicon assures that if Humwawa is present with the sorcerer, Pazuzu will be also, since their relations are very star and to have the presence of Humwawa is to have the presence of pazuzu.
  • Those who have their presence very channeled assure that Humwawa was present during the time that Kutulu and Pazuzu manifested, with the characteristic that their presence is not discernible, in other words being Pazuzu will be Kutulu and Humwawa present in a little discernible way, secrets from pazuzu!
  • Pazuzu embodies death. In its attributes it is recorded: it governs the storms, so it can basically do what the celebrant desires with respect to them. It offers great protection and has the ability to kill many entities at once. He is an initiator above all. He specializes in chakra dissolution, meditation in Nazala, malicious vampirism and work with djinn and nature spirits. And even more … its manifestation when invoked in the body possessed by its majesty is to speak in tongues, genres of languages ​​other than the magical languages ​​that one is accustomed to speak emphasize, I emphasize this.
  • Master and lord of the southwest wind, who is known for bringing lobsters, famines and storms, and is believed to come from the land of the dead. Another thing to highlight is that Pazuzu can be used to manipulate people and control their minds. With pernicious magic, you can devour the souls of your enemies and use the forces of Daath to reduce your enemies to madness. You can invoke his name while looking at the moon, looking at the sun, meditating on a flame or meditating on a puddle of water to exalt your soul. It is a great guide for astral projection and sleepwalking. He can open the celebrant’s heart and illuminate it with the Black Light. All these notes were taken from my diary and I share them so that they verify it since few places meet these approaches. a hug!s-l300