Intuition always right?

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What are your opinions on this coming from a practitioner’s perspective?

And how can we differ between if our intuition is actually telling us something vs if it’s just a biased thought hinged by emotions, because both ways feels the same that little gut feeling alarm goes off.

80-90% of the time I find my intuition to be right but the other 10-20% of the time I really can’t tell if it’s just tied by biased emotions.

What are your insights on this? Also considering some practitioners and witches say your intuition is ALWAYS right. Even if it’s just mundane things :thinking:


I know that sometimes it’s not just our negative influence but outer influence too. Similar to how tarot readings and psychic readings can be tampered with. People connected to New Age stuff can get intuitive pulls to do what’s best for their “higher selves” i.e. what will break them down so they lose their ego and can be mind-controlled better.

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Yeah I agree with Google a lot more than those witches.
My intuition has led me astray before (I am probably not alone in that) so that doubt makes you second guess and rationalize your intuition sometimes. So… byebye intuition, hello (half-assed and slightly) informed decision.
Plus no one ever has the ability to fully reckognise the full range and subtleties of their emotions and acts out of their complete genuine self all the time. So your gut and heart are going to be influenced without you realising that and it will mislead you sometimes.

[Edit to add a practical example]
Sometimes you choose the blue candle from your intuition.
Sometimes you choose blue without realising it is because the girl you have a crush crossed your mind a split second and wore a really cute blue outfit last week.


I have said the exact same thing as this is also the opinion of the remote viewing community.

As they put it, the information from the subconscious is always correct, however, the conscious mind is designed to step in and add identifying information, that’s its job, it’s not a bad thing, but it’s usually wrong.

This is why they have the tennet “describe, do not identify” and have developed techniques to put conscious mind AOLs (analytical overlays) and “castle building” (building fictional castles in the sky) to one side until after all the descriptions have been written down.

Only after you have all the data do you go back and make a summary and some conclusions. This helps you keep the subconscious info without making up imaginary stories.

Most mages do a hell of a lot of castle building and are not at all careful about keeping the conscious minds imaginary crap out of the process, and that’s why they make mistakes.


I agree with most in this post, subconscious telling you whats up, isn’t the way to go as it never diverts from the wrong path, just keeps you on it, so I just go with what interests me and my desire at the time not following the gut of intuition.

From a practitioner’s perspective, intuition plays a significant role in our spiritual and mundane lives. It often serves as our inner compass, guiding us towards favorable outcomes and warning us of potential dangers. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that our intuition can be influenced by various factors, including emotions, past experiences, and external energies. While intuition is indeed a powerful tool, it’s not infallible, and there are times when it can be clouded by biases or negative influences.

To differentiate between genuine intuitive insights and biased thoughts, it’s essential to cultivate self-awareness and discernment. Pay attention to the nature of the intuitive feeling—are there any underlying emotions or personal biases attached to it? Additionally, consider seeking confirmation or validation from other sources, such as divination tools or trusted mentors, to corroborate your intuitive impressions.

While some practitioners may assert that intuition is always right, it’s essential to approach such claims with a critical mindset. Intuition can certainly provide valuable guidance, but it’s not immune to error. By remaining open-minded and honing our discernment skills, we can better navigate the complexities of intuition and make informed decisions aligned with our highest good.

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Absolutely. It’s how accessing the Akashic records works. And why you can have galactic historians who actually agree.

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Yeah 90% my intuition is right for an instance If my mind says not to do this ,no to go there don’t speak , don’t meet this person or even I will fail exams lol it’s always right in a magickal Sense I doubt it sometimes cos I’m way too biased Towards somebeings :neutral_face:

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