Greetings from Asia, I’m new to this magick thing I’m hoping to learn more about succubus and spells that can help me get a easy path to top colleges

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Thank you for doing an introduction as requested.

Do you have any experience at all in magick, or are you completely starting from scratch?

PS: You posted this in the wrong section so I moved it to the proper one.

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I’m a total newbie to magick. I began looking for options when I failed to get the required scores for a certain college. I really wish to attend that college but I’m more likely to win 10 straight games of blackjack than getting admitted and thank you for moving my introduction to the correct category

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Welcome to the forum. You can use the magnifying glass for any search.



Welcome and enjoy.
Of you use the search function on your top right (magnifier glass) you will find plenty of stuff about succubus.

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