Hello, my name is Adrian and I joined this forum in order to meet new people that are also interested in the supernatural and to get help with spells and overall magic from more experienced people in this domain. I hope we will get along very well.



Please tell us a bit more about your own magical experience. What magick do you practice? If you are a beginner, what type of magick are you interested in?

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Well I’m a beginner, and I think I would like to learn how to cast transformation spells and to enchant things.

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Welcome to the club, man! Id suggest first working with your energy to open your senses, enhance your power, and the rest will come more naturally.

Check out my post. Wheb starting out i did a lot if experimenting and 1 on 1 work with my gd. She taught me to open my chakras, trace my nadis, and to will my energy. It is the post titled “heard a voice during merkaba activation”

Thank you! I’ll make sure to read it:)

That all sounds fun but you gotta crawl before you walk. Take baby steps if you need, starting out can be disorienting.
This should help get you squared away.

Hope this helps get you sorted starting out. Cheers!