What do you wish you knew before you started practising magick?

I’m a newbie and would like to know as much as I can before I start any sort of magick because I don’t want to do anything stupid. So does anyone have any information that they wish they knew before they started? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Don’t make poorly thought out pacts, especially if the other side has the option of holding you to your side while doing little on theirs.

Don’t internalize truths you can’t utilize. Generally it just leads to psychological issues.

Practice is the most important. Like any other skill really, practice, practice, practice. You might have some talent in some areas of magic, or maybe not, but a talentless person who practices will beat out a talented one who doesn’t every time.

Ultimately, most of magic is subjective, so don’t worry too much about what other people say, worry a bit about what feels right and a lot about what works.


I wish I knew HOW time consuming it would turn out to be


How to get used to all the voices you hear in your head and what they do. How to keep yourself in control over yourself than anything else


I can sum up the points below with the fact that there’s no compartmentalizing in magic, unless it’s deliberate and intentional; which I’m sure takes tremendous skill and concentration.

So you have to mind things like your stupid emotions and be extremely focused.

  1. It’s not a good idea to wing it.

  2. Your magic is you; you are your magic.

  3. Everything matters, so don’t assume that because you don’t intend for something to matter that it won’t.

  4. Learn some form of divination.


As a newbie years ago, Thought I could do spells and hexes and get results.

The truth is, it takes years of reading good quality books, watching videos, learning from others and trial and error to get good at Magic.

The bonds needed with Spirits to do advanced type work take trust and a build up of respect and getting to know one another and keeping promises on sacrifices and offerings etc.

I get PMs from people now wanting to kill someone and they have never even done an evocation… It takes work and time to learn from the ground up.

I wish I knew my main failing was my concentration back then too. You need to learn focus and intent.

The other thing is, nobody will ever get it in mainstream society, so I would tell my newbie self if I went back in time to not tell anyone… they just think you are crazy

This is my experience anyway.


Yes, and expensive


How to banish


I wish i knew i could protect myself so i didnt have to mentally block everything out from fear as a kid.

Now im stuck revitalizing my,astral senses that were natural as a kid but are foriegn to me now :frowning:


First magick isn’t about having wishes granted it’s about becoming a more powerful individual and the best version of yourself that you can be.

Second the gods don’t do for man what he can do for himself. You have to be willing to put forth your own efforts. You have to meet the gods half way. The gods can provide the opportunity but you have to be prepared for it and be ready to jump on it when it comes.

Third you have to be magical to do magick. As in if you have not been using your psychic muscles since childhood and they are atrophied…youre going to need to get on a psychic workout routine. It does little good to summon a spirit to learn from if you can’t communicate with it.

Fourth mentality is everything magicians adopt a Victor’s mentality and discard the victim mentality. Thought is everything and everything is thought. Ultimately you shape your reality with your thoughts and feelings. You shape your inner perception and as a result the outer world shapes to match it. The spirits, demons and gods help to guide us, nurture us, educate us and throw us a bone here and there as we work on our evolution. Magick doesn’t do things for you it helps you to better do things yourself.

Fifth, LaVay preached indulgence but indulgences should be earned through self improvement. Of course you can eat the whole chocolate cake and the entire tub of Ice cream to go with it, because you busted your ass all week working out and watching what you eat.

The occult has been one long evolutionary process. In the end we discover that the meaning of life is to evolve and magick is about participation in your own evolution. Try not to look at the occult as something mystical supernatural but more along the lines of a technology for participation in evolution.


I wish I knew that I was pacticing magick and my dreams were coming to fruition.


That the true power in your experience is your consciousness. The importance of being calm or generally happy because that is the essential quality or damn near the core of our true nature. Realising that all magic works only because there is One Unified Consciousness that is, at the fundamental level, our very own Self. This also why the “Law of Attraction” is always valid.

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I just did.

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Nice post, watching. True about astral senses, I’m working on developing that and I’m on kinda meditative workout routine alongside my regular physical training. If anyone has some good articles regarding developing astral senses that helped him or techniques please post it :slight_smile:


One thing you need to know and trust : believe in what you do. If your faith in what you do falters, it just goes downwards from this point.

Just a simple advice worth being reminded


Dont internalize and project your fears. Entities will take advantage of that and mess with you. Just be confident in your work, and treat all entities with proper respect.


Know which entities to bind and which to feed.


Had better understanding of how some others might find out I am interested in magick and view it in negative terms. To clarify—not that anyone is directly confronting me about it but subtle indicators that some might create negative judgments. Either fundamentalist Christian types that might be concerned that I am not “Christian” enough (and I really like some of my Christian friends and don’t feel like trying to explain myself, argue with them, etc. and would prefer to just get along with them and let them do their own thing)—or the sort of mainstream atheist/scientific types who might think I am being delusional or even “crazy” because I am interested in magick. As long as they don’t interfere with some kind of “intervention” that disrupts my life, I suppose we have to realize that not everyone will look at the world and consciousness the same way. I feel like I should have the freedom to explore many kinds of magick and different ways of thinking.

  • Pick a single system, follow it and master it before finding another.

  • Read read read.

  • Meditate

  • Learn some form of Divination

  • Learn to ground yourself above most other things, there’s no point doing ritual after ritual, spell after spell if you’re not mentally capable of understanding what’s because of a ritual, or because of general life circumstances