• How long have you been practicing? 3 years
  • Do you follow any particular system or tradition? hindu mythology and reiki
  • Do you have any practical experience in magick? i have healed issues both emotional and physcial before, currently struggling to heal an issue and need to delve deeper to figure it out
  • Where are you from? Europe
  • Current ambitions/struggles? i am struggling to heal a physical issues despite being succesful in the past

Welcome @Reiki_healer333

So you have no experience in actual magick?

So you have any experience beyond Reiki?

i have invoked the hindu gods and stuff same as the yogis do but i havent had any cool evocation experiences. i have enchanted things and some other stuff but nothing cool or grandiose. i have never heard entities speak to me as i kind of fear them too much to try

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