Hey! I’m Mariana, but please call me Marg! I am nonbinary and use he/she/they pronouns. No preference. I currently live in Houston, TX. My preferred magicks of topics of study include, but are not limited to: demonolatry, Saturnian magick, necromancy, vampirism/energy work. I began my practice March 2021, which is a little over a year now, and have made steady advancements with the help of the Infernal divine. I am spiritually married (or godspoused) to King Belial, and have gotten it confirmed multiple times with a wide range of people. I still don’t know why he decided to bring it up so early in my practice, but he did. Anyway, I recently initiated into the Saturnian current (4/16/2022) after reading the Cult of the Black Cube, and I decided to join this forum in order to find like-minded people that would be willing to assist me in my journey–specifically with necromancy, so please recommend me some good books regarding that topic. Thanks!

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If you try the search at top right, as the forum is over 10 years old there will be more ideas than just this, but there’s a bunch of suggestions in this thread that are pretty good list:

My top fave in this collection is “Blood Sorcery Bible” - Sorceress Cagliastro

That’s usually one of the red flags for a parasite. But getting you to plump before realising your options of what’s out there, they take advantage of your inexperience to drink your milkshake without you realising that’s not ok.

I am nonbinary and use he/she/they pronouns.

Note: Please be aware that this forum is politics free, including gender politics, it’s one of the rules.
We don’t mind whatever you want to call yourself, but you may not enforce or coerce speech on any member here. Your sexual orientation is not appropriate for discussion unless you want magickal advice on workings about it. All humans are magickal, so please be sensible to leave the politics at the door, thanks!


Thank you so much!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: We have tons of free tutorials and such and some of them are listed together here:

A good place to start are the spiritual hygiene and astral development areas. :+1:


I suggest you check out the category “Magick Vampirism & Necromancy”.