My name is Daniel! (ShieldofFaith was mainly just a name picked at random). I am from the United States of America! Have moved a lot but always been in New England.

In regards to where my expertise and interest lies: So I am mainly interested in the History of either groups, methods, people of importance and books. Also very interested in the religious side of things ( religious as in any religion not just my own. The studying of other beings/gods outside of my own belief system has always been a interest). So put it simply the more boring stuff, names, historical events and all such things in relation to magic.

In regards to particular areas of magic where you need help: Just personal experiences and beliefs! You can only learn so much from books! Aka people who have these beliefs, have done these rituals and so forth. Don’t consider myself doing anything magic related so really just interested in hearing from others!

In regards too particular areas of magick where you can provide help: Mainly just the more official side of things. (Names of authors behind certain books, the books themselves, and certain events/groups throughout history)

I want to end with just making it clear! Yes I’m Christian but I’m not hear to convert anyone or start trouble! In fact I love hearing about other beliefs and views, mainly hear to expand upon my own understanding in certain things and learning from others! Again books can only teach me so much!

If I had a goal or single reason for joining I would have to say it is to expand my own faith. I believe that in expanding my knowledge in relation to the more spiritual side of things will in return add to my faith, and talking to people with different points of view is just in general the best way to expand ones own point of view.

Note(Have excluded personal experience with faith and the stories I have due to it being a sensitive topic! However not against sharing! Just not use to talking about it! Near death experience causing spiritual awaking I think will do for now!)

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Welcome @ShieldofLight

Do you have any practical experience in magick at all? Or in anything spiritual and/or paranormal? You haven’t really told us much of anything about yourself beyond the fact that you are a Christian.

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Hi Daniel, welcome to the forum, Nice to have you here :wave:t5:

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Tried to add a bit more detail! As far as practice I have very little experience or knowledge. As I said, most of my knowledge is through books hence why I joined! Hope it added a slight bit. Sadly I am very new to everything , and I don’t know how much I’m willing to try for myself and what things are a bit too much. Most of the connections with something greater have been through mediations. Most of my contact has been with what I consider God, His Angels and my own Inner Spirt which I consider to by my Holy Ghost. Most of what I call my “spiritual awaking” started after an accident a few years where I fell out of a moving car going 40, at worst should of been dead or crippled, at best internal damage ranging from serious to just painful. I did not even break a bone. From a connection I had in the hospital bed where I first saw what I consider God and the Golden Light I associate with God and Jesus, would not be the last. Have felt a direct connection , a sense of understanding and peace when meditating at times that is impossible for me to explain. But at best it feels like I was given just a fragment of something greater, a peace and love I wish I could share with everyone. And this is the first time I shared this online so sorry for my lack of “storytelling”

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Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience, and again, welcome to the BALG forum.