Hi I’m Tryste Gothel and I’ve been practicing for over a year now. Although I had some experience with the occult via Wicca in High School, it’s irrelevant.

I pretty much started over last last year starting with the Law of Attraction sphere and slowly I transitioned to using Magick.

I got into it again via Frank White/Aurelius Sopax via Magick Mentor. I’m continuing with his courses though and have seen so much growth so I highly recommend his services/courses. Been a lurker here in BALG for maybe a year now. I did some rituals I got from here with mixed results of course(since I’m still a beginner).

I’d like to offer some free tools for the people here actually but I’d like some feedback first.

Best Regards,
Tryste Gothel

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Hi there @trystegothel, welcome to the forum, glad you decided to join :wave:t5:

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Welcome @trystegothel

So…what exactly do you practice? This doesn’t exactly tell us anything about your experience unless we are already familiar with whoever Frank White is and what he teaches.

Do you follow any specific system or tradition, such as Golden Dawn, witchcraft, demonolatry, etc?

This would depend on what kind of “tools” you have in mind. We have a rule here that prohibits new members from offering any sort of magical service to members, like readings, or ritual, or servitors, etc, until they have been an active member for a minimum of 90 days.



as @DarkestKnight says, please be aware of this rule first:


I mainly practice what he is also practicing so Chaos Magick I guess? I also do Witchcraft but more of the traditional Filipino witchcraft(learning from a traditional “Mambabarang” in our language).

Although right now I am researching a lot about Kabbalah(Tree of Life) and working with some of the Gallery of Magick books.

For the free tools, it’s mostly spreadsheets, it’s not really a magical service. Is it all right if I can privately send any of you moderators this so I’m sure I’m not violating anything?

Thanks again for the warm welcome.

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Thanks! I will keep this in mind.

Spreadsheets of what, exactly?

Ah yes, So I really liked the pathworking books like Lucifer and the Hidden Demons and Raziel’s paths of power but it was a bit hard to write down pathworkings especially the demon servants so I decided to create a spreadsheet with all the pathworkings.

It’s basically a pathworking creator so you don’t have to flip through the book or e-book if you want to go to a specific Demon Servant at least for Theodore Rose’s book.

But if it’s against the rules I guess I can just email or private message the link to whoever wants it.

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When you joined, did you receive the greetings PM? If you did, you can reply to that and send the spreadsheet to the moderator @Lady_Eva for her appraisal.

However, since it contains the pathworkings from the book Lucifer and the Hidden Demons, it may violate our rule regarding the posting of copyrighted material. This forum is connected to a publisher of occult works, so it would be considered pretty bad form for us to allow the dissemination of the pirated work of other authors, either on the public forum or in private, and the pathworkings in the book are copyrighted by Power of Magick Publishing. It says right in the book itself that “you are not permitted to make any part of this book publicly available in any way.”

Such use is allowed for personal study under the fair use clause in copyright law, but posting it publicly on the internet would be a violation and could get this forum’s owners into legal trouble.

Gotcha. That’s no Problem and thanks for clearing it up for me! I’ll send it to you or @Lady_Eva anyway just so you can see if it’s helpful or not.

As a new member, you are unable to PM until you reach a certain level of activity, and then the system unlocks the ability automatically. That’s why I mentioned replying to the greetings PM that @Lady_Eva sends out. You can reply to messages, but you cannot initiate them.

Ok. I’ll do that. I’ll reply to the greetings PM.

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Try the septenary Tree of Wyrd.