Hi my name is Joseph, I’ve been practicing LHP for over 2 years now. I’ve always kept a tab open at all times for this website. I’m constantly on here reading and trying to learn anything I could from all sources here. I’ve been visiting this website for over a year I think, and finally decided to create an account and introduce myself.
My parents are Christian’s, and my father is even a baptist pastor. Has been all my life. I was forced to go to church at least 5 times a week. The second I left the house after high school, I started branching out. I tried learning and experimenting with shamanism, druid wiccan, witchcraft. All types. I’ve been searching for answers , for real communication, guidance, help, and ascension. I stumbled on various videos that discussed working with demons and off I went. I’ve never felt like I was on the right path until I started the LHP. I’ve been knowledge hungry ever since. I had been part of another LHP group for at least 6 months and found that a lot of internal drama existed and the people at the top were doing shady things and causing others to go astray bc of the info they were generating simply for financial reasons. I’ve been wary ever since.
My goal is to essentially ascend, to find the correct path. To learn and grow . I’ve always known there was more out there then believing in some Christian god and blindly following and bowing to on faith. Lucifer had been the utmost amazing thing to ever happen in my life, along with tons of other demons that have helped me and been there even if I am unable to see or recognize what’s right in front of me until later on.


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Hello, welcome to BALG. Please feel free to check out my journal.

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