Introduction Velia

Hello. I don’t know If i’m posting on the right page my introduction but I hope I am.

My name is Velia here but real name Christina. I’m 23 years old from Eastern Europe.

I started to practice magic since I was 12 years old, and started to study easy tricks but I always had an attraction for the occult and magic. As a religion I don’t have one, I am omnist I try to respect all religions and believe there’s some truth in all of them, even a small piece.

I like this forum because it’s very open minded and helps me to learn more about demons. I started to work with demons since 2 years not so much, before I would work with energies and other Gods.
Since I was a kid Lucifer would appear in my dreams and mostly he communicated with me and Lilith. But back then I was scared of them as a kid growing in a religious home . I always felt close to Lucifer and Lilith though. Recently I tried to work with other demons but I’m not feeling a connection.
I’m also working with Santa Muerte but I heard she doesn’t like demons?

I love how fast always Santa Muerte answered my crying calls .I feel like she gave me a gift from birth because I always feel when someone close to me is going to die. I can sense someone’s death even 6 months before it to happen. I sensed the death of my grandma…my young dog, the father of a classmate, some neighbor lady…an uncle and many more.

It’s crazy because before their deaths I always dream about their funeral or some other weird dreams where they tell me they are dead. I’m like 100% sure I will sense my own death which is creepy to know. I don’t know why i have this gift is not the best to tell people: hey you’re going to die, or to tell them their close relative is going to die.

Would be nice to see someone else’s opinion on this.

More about me- I practice all types of magic, black, love magic, voodoo I’m not scared of anything really, I got so many backfires I’m used to them, even backfired on my own health and I almost died. And I did love spells that backfired so bad I got obsessed with them instead of them being obsessed with me.

A thing I don’t like lol People who claim they work with demons and they don’t or liars, people who believe they are as powerful as Lucifer is. Yep someone literally told me they can be as powerful as Lucifer(fight me on this one if someone can be as powerful lol)

I think this is very disrespectful for Lucifer to say this.(Just my personal opinion)


Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

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Being scared of it is a good way to have things not work. Glad you’re ok now! There’s few better ways to learn than the school of hard knocks :smiley: