Introduction to me

I was brought to this website by a friend I met recently, I enjoy using drugs for spirituality and I was referred to talk to Lady-Eva. I’m sorry but I have no idea what to do, help would be appreciated. Also, I would like a Core Shamanism tutorial. Thank you.

Please tell us about your magical experience. What do you practice? How long have you practised? Where do your magical interests lie?

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I have never attempted magic before, but it does sound quite interesting to me. I have had a bad trip on LSD and that is pretty much what brought me into the spiritual practices such as meditation.

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Welcome to the forum!

Read this forum’s rules!

@Lady_Eva will contact you shortly!

BTW, is there a specific reason why you chose that username?


This username I chose because I liked this guy’s music named Juice Wrld and I was suicidal when I created that name on my email. Thank you for contacting me and I will review the forum rules.

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