Introduction to Incubus

Hi my name is Catherine and I’m from Texas. So I did this letter of intent to summon a Incubus back on the 20th of March (cause of a full moon). I did about everything right (though I had a bit of trouble here and there focusing on relaxing for 30 minutes outta fear that someone would walk in on me) and felt a bit of a presence, but I don’t think I got much of a response outside of some cold patches here and there along with meditation. Upon average how many days or months will it take until I have a sign or dream even? Or do I need to do the ritual again?

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Please tell us a bit more about yourself.

Do you practice any magick, or was the Letter of Intent your first spell?

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I have tried a love spell before but I dont think it work that or back fired

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You are a complete beginner in magick?

Your incubus is most likely around you, but, as a beginner, you are probably unable to feel him. I would recommend just sitting and meditating, and ask your incubus to make himself known to you. Stay relaxed and keep awareness on feeling your body. His touch may be light at first, and feel like a feather or an ant is walking on your skin.

No matter how much you doubt the sensation, thank your incubus. Let him know he is welcome. Talk to him, even if it feels like you are talking to yourself.


Welcome to the forum. You might find my thread of some use.


Read…and read, and read even more about it.
Develop your senses. Why would you summon something that you are not gonna be able to feel?
The key for this is work, work work.

How long do I meditate for?

I would say a minimum of 10 minutes but the length of time doesn’t really matter, only that you make some time in your day for the incubus to make contact. You have to let him know he is welcome.

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We’re all have to start somewhere, right?

I, personally, think it’s better to start this path with the assistance of spirits opening up our astral abilities, rather than opening them by ourselves. Why? Because there’s an outside connection and influence, as well as a grounding point to learn and recognise spirits and energies. If you lack the outside influence, how could you learn? By guessing!? :man_shrugging:


You have your point.

But I think that the physical world has already a lot of energies to work with prior to working with one that we summon ourselves. We can also work with entities that may not be attached to us, or we can even learn how to feel the energies from around us, before starting to feel something from another plane within our plane.
Do I make sense?

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It makes sense, sure.

But how do you know the difference, and how do you know if your senses are opened?

In my experience, it’s a quite complicated process for spirits to open up our senses. I can’t imagine how much more complicated it is to open it up by ourselves, maybe with a lot of trial and error along the way.


I guess it depends on the person.
For me, it was quite natural. Starting to practise feeling my own body energy. Touching plants, animals and feel them, and proggresively doing ot through other planes.

I guess that the beautiful thing about magic is that there isn’t a right way or place to start. It can be adapted according to preferences.


I agree. There’s no “right” or “wrong” way or place to start. But some of us have this urge to learn and understand the “why’s” and “how’s” of magic, the spirits and the energies we interact with. Others simply don’t care as long as there’s results.

The thing about succubus and incubus entities is that they’re physical in nature, thus making the Clairsentient ability essential. More so than any other astral abilities, as I see it. And to know how these spirits operates to make it possible for us to feel them physically and emotionally, is an interesting lesson to learn. There’s nothing wrong with either, mind you.

There’s many facets to an opening of astral senses from the spirit perspective. It gives more than a “hint” of how they operate amongst humans, and how a possible curse or haunting occurs. From a pure energy perspective, it makes it a little easier to understand how magic and spells comes to form. It is fascinating, isn’t it?


Well, the way you have elaborated it makes it impossible for me to disagree. You are completely right, and it is indeed a beautiful way to learn!

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If I may ask one of you, an religious things like prayer, church, etc get rid of a Incubus?