Introduction of seekerOfTruth

Dear fellow members,

I’m a +/- 40 years old male. My spiritual path started when I turned ill with a “chronic” disease at age +/- 20. I used to be a very scientific guy before and really loved physics, chemistry and math classes at school. I thought that I understood life (in a very mechanistic way). Then, when I turned ill, and I first started on heavy medication, and noticed that didn’t cure me, I learned a lot in a short time. I started to see that medical science didn’t have much to offer me (specifically with chronic diseases; they are great though for helping after, say, a car accident). So, first with a restrictive diet, I got into remission within 2 weeks. Told the physician, but he wasn’t interested. Then a few years later I managed to completely cure the disease by doing powerful Chi Kungs and meditations, releasing massive amounts of grief, anger and fear, and detoxing mercury.

This could turn into a very long story, so I fast forward to now. I have leukemia for almost 2 years now, and my blood values keep worsening no matter what I do. A year ago I learned a lot of foul play had probably caused my disease. I used to be the person who earned quite some money, and I let my parents and siblings steal it from me (over 200,000 euro from a company I had started, but they confiscated the profits). I was extremely naive (low self worth is a theme that’s active with leukemia I believe). Then, when in 2011 my girlfriend (now wife) and I decided to move to another country, some 2500 kilometers away, and to follow our intuition and enjoy life, they became very jealous, and upset that I wasn’t sponsoring them anymore. That’s when all four of the family members sent me a powerful curse that years later caused my leukemia. My healer indicated this was mostly done subconsciously. Another critical ingredient for me to develop the disease was my sister in law, who was extremely jealous, and had (mostly consciously, my healer says) been sending very nasty curses for years, and she was injecting toxic energy into me on a daily basis, and she was sucking my chi, as an energy vampire for many years. Until I felt it almost a year ago (I think I lifted a veil due to me detoxing emotionally a lot before, and then I saw and felt it) and cut the cord with an energetic sword (which was attached to my sexual center). Then I also discovered my father and youngest brother had been sucking my chi since I was a child (a few years later I would turn ill the first time). Their tentacles were attached to my right side, and those I ripped out.

Many experiences later, and having found a really powerful healer, I’m convinced curses can be extremely powerful, and chronic energy vampirism can be devasting for your energy level and health. 1.5 years ago, after having confronted my family, and them taking no responsibility at all, I broke contact with my family and almost a year ago also with my sisters in law. Luckily my wife was able to see things for what they were and she followed me in my decisions. Life improved tremendously after that, and especially after we asked the healer to cast some puppet spells to bind my two sisters in law, as they kept sending curses for almost a year after breaking contact (and cutting the cords).

I have become a completely new person, after a great detox diet, amazing amounts of physical detox and releasing massive amounts of emotions. Alas, the leukemia is still worsening. So, 1.5 month ago I asked the healer to create a pact with Buer to heal my leukemia. It was a very detailed pact, which quantified all important blood levels, so there could be no confusion of what I requested. Buer agreed to the pact, and I did everything he asked from me. One full month Buer worked intensively with me and the emotional and physical detox were overwhelming. I’m still recovering. But alas, the blood values haven’t improved yet. It might very well be I need to wait a bit longer for the healing to manifest on the physical level, but I’m not sure. I keep having an optimistic view and feel it’s not my time to die, but the leukocyte levels are starting to get in the critical areas (430k now, where 10k is normal), so I’d like to spread my bet a bit, so to say.

So, I’m gonna post a more detailed version of this story in another subforum and will ask if someone has some insights for me, or perhaps is willing to work with me, either asking Buer what is the status of my healing process (I think I’m communicating with Buer indirectly with my pendulum, but direct communication would be way more detailed), or scanning my energy body to see where things stand.

The healer I’m working with right now is very good. And she’s the first one who really saw what was happening, all the evil stuff. I learned that quite a lot of energy healers have blind spots, and believe too much in light and love, and fail to embrace/see the shadow sides of life. They prefer to live in a bubble where they think goodness prevails. They just can’t see the evil and the curses. But I’ve learned there is a lot of evil around, and it’s best to see it for what it is. Anyway, I’ve learned that it’s good have a second opinion, because almost everybody has some blind spots, and by combining views you increase the odds of seeing the complete picture.

Thank you in advance, and thank you for the great forum. I’ve read and learned a lot already.