Insights / help treating leukemia, probably caused by curses

Dear fellow members,

Please note: this is a very long story. In the introduction category there is a shortened version of my story. Here it is: Introduction of seekerOfTruth .

I’m a +/- 40 years old male. My spiritual path started when I turned ill with a “chronic” disease at age +/- 20. I used to be a very scientific guy before and really loved physics, chemistry and math classes at school. I thought that I understood life (in a very mechanistic way). Then, when I turned ill, and I first started on heavy medication, and noticed that didn’t cure me, I learned a lot in a short time. I started to see that medical science didn’t have much to offer me (specifically with chronic diseases; they are great though for helping after, say, a car accident). So, first with a restrictive diet, I got into remission within 2 weeks. Told the physician, but he wasn’t interested. Then a few years later I managed to completely cure the disease by doing powerful Chi Kungs and meditations, releasing massive amounts of grief, anger and fear, and detoxing mercury.

That’s when I really understood that chi/energies and emotions have a large influence on health and your well-being. I trained with a very good teacher to learn more about the energies in my body and how to heal yourself. Taoistic techniques. When asked, my teacher explained that, in general, you don’t have to be very afraid of curses and energetic attacks, unless you are in such bad luck that you have clash with a powerful magician. But in most cases your intuition will warn you and you’ll prevent a confrontation from happening.

Big jump to two years ago, when I discovered I had leukemia. I was completely shocked, as we were living an extremely healthy life, doing chi kungs, eating organic food, lots of salads and greens, low amounts of starches/grains, breathing extremely fresh/clean air and we had virtually no stress in our life. I was also continuously releasing old, blocked emotions and releasing stuck toxins. Then, after consulting several healers I learned there had been massive amounts of “foul play”: powerful curses and a lot of energy vampirism from both my own parental family (2 siblings, 2 parents) and my wife’s family (her 2 sisters).

When the healer removed the curses our lifes improved considerably. Before, in the few months before getting diagnosed, I was waking up stressed several times a night, feeling like I was attacked. Also, our daughter would have extreme nightmares, waking up crying very loudly and in panic, up to 6-8 a night, which also disturbed my sleep and healing process a lot. Well, when the healer removed the many curses and installed a shield, all three of us slept like babies once again. It was a complete night-and-day difference. So, that was the moment that I knew that curses are real and can strongly influence your life. The healer explained that my parents and 2 siblings hand sent me a very powerful curse a couple of years ago. That curse caused the leukemia, the healer confirmed. That was when I decided to live in another country, and they felt betrayed, because they used me as their cash cow, and my father and youngest brother also vampirized me energetically I learned later. One of my wife’s sisters had systemically been sending curses out of jalousy and envy for many years. She wanted our companies to fail, my wife and daughter (4 years at the time!) to become sterile (fertility), she wanted us to lose our house, our finances, our luck. She wanted to block my healing, she wanted my wife and I to break up, etc. She also had been vampirizing my chi for many years. We really noticed the two years before getting ill that our natural luck was disappearing and was replaced with bad luck. We live very intuitively and in “the flow” and everything used to go very smoothly, until her curses started to gain power.

Well, when we were certain about the reality of these curses, almost a year ago, we broke contact with her and cut the energy cords between us. That improved things even more (from one day to another my daughter started to say I love you, which before she couldn’t). But then my wife’s other sister started to send powerful curses, wanting me to die, to get cancer, to invest our house of ants and cockrouches and a lot more. Interestingly, when she talked to my wife over the phone she said that it would be better for me to die than for me to upset the “harmony” of my wife’s family. She completely refused to even research anything and just couldn’t believe her sister would do anything bad. Both sisters kept on sending curses for almost a year since we broke contact with them. Eventually we asked for puppet spells to bind them, and those helped a lot.

By all means, both sisters are in no way black magicians (perhaps they were in previous incanrations?). I think they were damaged in early life so much by their father (who had sadistic tendencies) that their blocked emotions and parts of their soul that were cut off, created such a shadow, and such an intensity of emotions, that when they think their evil thoughts, mixed with a very high intensity of anger, their curses became quite powerful. Interestingly, the curses both sisters sent could be linked to their suppressed emotions 1 by 1. Was spooky to see this. We watched a large list of curses that the healer said were active on us, and we could, without exception, say exactly which ones came from sister A and which ones from sister B. It was an exact signature of their pains and suppressed emotions.

In the last 2 years I’ve upgraded my diet even further, released massive amounts of emotions, and have changed a lot. I use my pendulum to see what foods to eat and what excercises to do. But no signs of healing yet. The leukocyte level keeps on rising (almost 200k 2 years ago to 430k now, 5-10k is normal). Then 1.5 months ago I asked the healer to make a pact with Buer. I was surprised how easily I embraced the idea of working with a ‘demon’. It was obvious to me that the demons are in reality gods which the Christian church saw as a threat, so they decided to give them a bad name. The pact was very detailed, and stated that all my blood values would return to normal healthy levels, all quantified. Buer accepted to cure me and would work with me intensively for a month. In return he asked some Vodka, twice a week and for me to say his Enn/mantra. It was very intense, and from day one it was completely obvious that miraculous things were happening. Physical detox was at the exact treshold of what I could handle without causing permanent damage. Vomiting, days without being able to sleep, my arm extremely painful and swelling up to twice its diameter (there seemed to be some blockade in my left armpit). I also noticed he was coaching me and was sending me information and consciousness, and gave me even more details about the evil of my wife’s sisters and my family. One detail being that my sister in law had been injecting toxic energy into me on a daily basis, and that this toxic energy was a combined cause for me to develop leukemia. My family’s curse on its own wouldn’t have caused it, but combined with the toxins the perfect cocktail was there to make me extremely ill.

It’s 1.5 weeks ago since Buer stopped the treatment, and I’m still recovering, feeling very weak. I feel my body is detoxing a lot, my arm has healed for 95% already, and lots of emotions of grief are still surfacing. A week ago I went to the laboratory to do another blood test and it showed no improvement at all. Also my severely enlarged spleen isn’t shrinking yet (also part of the request in the pact). So, I hope his healing will just need some more time to manifest on the physical plane.

I think I can communicate indirectly with Buer with my pendulum, more or less. My pendulum keeps indicating: have faith, just give it some more time, healing is on its way. But, it has been saying that for many, many months, and no progress (at least in my blood) has been made.

So, I was wondering if there is someone who could offer to perhaps communicate with Buer and/or scan my physical body/energy body to see what is my status. Am I really healing or are there still things blocking my healing process, or perhaps external influences that hinder my healing process.

P.S. I fully understand this is not a medical forum, and no guarantees can be made, and I fully acknowledge that my health is 100% my own responsability.


Also, wanted to add that I feel a lot of respect for Buer. After he accepted the pact, I got tears in my eyes, feeling so grateful for his help. That a god is willing to help me personally in my healing process.

As I wrote, the month of healing was very intense and was very real, no doubt in my mind. No matter the outcome (I still have strong hopes that in a few weeks I will start to see in my blood figures that I’m really healing), I want to express my thanks and gratitude to Buer for helping me.

Interestingly, it seems that our healer got rid of most curses, but not 100% of them. We had extreme trouble with cockroaches, even after me sealing all possible holes in the walls, doors and chimney. They kept coming, and indeed, it started soon after the sister in law had launched that curse. My daughter would have nightmares in which cockroaches would climb on her, and I sometimes felt like 10-20 cockroaches were climbing on me, probably in the energetic world. It was really nasty. Two or three times, all three of us (my wife, 5 year old daughter and I) would have synchronous experiences with cockroaches. Those were a strong sign that that specific curse was still active. Also ants were a big problem. Interestingly, the exact day when Buer accepted the pact, the last 4-5 cockroaches in the house, one after another, each in a different room, showed themselves and even walked towards me, making it very easy for me to throw them out or kill them. As if Buer had commanded them to show themselves. After that there were no more cockroaches, unless my daughter had accidentally left open the door and an odd one sneaked in. Also way less trouble with ants. So, I think, as a part (or bonus) of the healing process he undid all curses, and he was able to see all 100% of the curses.

I also have a strong feeling that Buer sends back all curses he finds, back to the original caster of the curse. So my sisters in law are in for some ‘interesting’ times, or even a quick deterioration of their health as they sent curses like death curses, block-all-healing curses, get-cancer curses, etc. That combined with one sister in law vampirizing the other sister and law, and the victim-sister-in-law not willing to research or fix this, makes it even more probable that bad things are about to happen.

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This looks like it may be @telgega’s kind of field. Sorry to read about the difficult time you have been having.


i’ll look into this abit more this week


Thank you!

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Last night was very interesting. Just before falling asleep I somehow seem to be able to see and hear things from the spiritual world. Probably because my energy body moves halfway between the physical and astral plane? This is what happened:

Just before falling asleep I, all of a sudden clearly saw several big cockroaches in the window sill and it spooked me a lot. I thought I must accidentally have left open the mosquito screen (I always sleep with the window open and the mosquito screen closed). So I jumped out of bed, turned on the light, inspected the window, and instantly saw the screen was closed. And then I was unable to see any insect in the area. I was a bit unsure what to think of it.

Later, I turned off the light and tried to sleep again. Then I got more strange experiences. Alas I forgot what they were exactly. But eventually I think I was communicating with Buer. He kept asking me: “What is it you want exactly?”. And I replied I wanted to have my leukemia cured/healed 100%. He repeated the question 3 times I think, and I strongly repeated my answer: I want to heal 100% from my leukemia, and all my blood values to return to normal. I very strongly felt that was what I really wanted.

I also had the feeling that Buer, later that night, performed some extra healing on me.

So, I think Buer was aware of what I wrote in this forum and reacted to it a few hours later, last night. I think he showed me the cockroaches to make me aware that indeed it was him who broke the curse of my sister in law. And to let me know it was him, Buer. He showed me more things to prove his point, but alas I can’t remember exactly what those were.

Anyway, I now have more faith that complete healing is on its way.

It seems a bit odd for Buer to ask me what I really want, as I had written it down very clearly in the pact. I was thinking perhaps a part of me has no fear of death anymore and would embrace death it that would be my path. I’m quite certain it’s my path to survive though. But perhaps Buer really wanted me to reiterate, really confirm that I want to heal and live a long life. Not just for my wife and daughter, but also because I personally REALLY want to survive and live. Just a thought.


Last days have been hard on me. One of the other things I asked Buer in the pact is to make sure I would be clear-minded (no more brain fogs). It’s very obvious that the last few days he’s been working on my brain. I’ve felt really, really dizzy and had several moments where I thought I would faint. And this virtually all day long, with some short moments of some relieve. I strongly recognize and feel it’s caused by the toxins in my brain, because I know the feeling, but now it’s multiplied by 10x.

My pendulum indicates this will last a few days more.

So, my advice, when you ask Buer’s help, is to perhaps only do a few things at the same time, and then recover, and then ask for the next healing. I’ve now asked in the pact to cure my leukemia and also some other big things, among which that I would feel very strong again, that I would gain muscle weight and that in general I would become like my cosmic blueprint in perfect health would want me to be. And the clear-mindedness.

For this reason the healing session has been extremely powerful and lots and lots of emotions and toxins keep being released. Impressive! But also extremely overwhelming. Virtually all duties in the house are no falling on my wife’s shoulders, because I often can barely stand without falling.

I also asked my healer to ask Buer for a status report, and she communicated with him and indicates he is now at 86% of the healing process. In a few weeks more things should manifest in the physical plane.

I’m way more confident now that I just need to have some more patience. Buer is doing all he can within the limits of what my body and mind can handle. And results will show later.

I’ll keep you updated!

Hail Buer! So grateful for his help, totally impressive!

Hi, I hope everything is good for you, I’m interested to know more, How you feel now? My dad has Leukemia as well and I’m looking for something to help him.

check hent’yos she is a very good healer

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Hi Chavo,

I will mail later, because I’m still feeling very bad, almost unable to sit behind my desk to type this message. The detox the past 2.5 months (since Buer started treating) have been more than extreme. Very severe symptoms, last 3 weeks being unable to get out of the house, unable to walk straight, close to fainting when sitting up or walking, so I’ve been bedridden for that time.

I feel Buer is extremely powerful and can heal virtually everything, but the symptoms of the healing process can be severe… I think you also need a lot of faith and confidence. I think lots of people would have run to the ER by now and would have said: “give me the chemo or whatever that helps me”…

I’ll keep you updated. I’m hoping to regain some of my stamina/fitness the following days weeks…

Hail Buer!

P.S. Not sure if my leukemia is anything like your fathers leukemia, because in my case a LOT of foul play has occurred… I’m quite certain I wouldn’t have developed leukemia if all the vampirism, curses and injecting of dirty/toxic energy hadn’t occurred.

P.P.S. Also check this information: . To me it feels extremely true. See if you can detect some of the patterns with your father.

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Another update: The extreme physical detox kept on going. It’s nothing like I felt before and I’ve done some heavy detox regimes in the past.

Still extremely weak, only able to lie on the couch or bed all day. Almost unable to walk without falling down, all due to the extreme toxic load.

I think Buer deems this detox neccessary so I can dissolve emotional and physical blockades. The last development is, while I thought I had gotten rid of all three vampires (my father, my youngest brother, and my sister in law, which I think are a big factor in my disease), after dissolving a really big blockade in my upper right leg (leg was swollen to almost twice its normal size and lots of pain), I one day felt my 5 year old daughter, a sweet girl, was also vampirizing me for years… Not too much chi the first years, but since February 2019 she was taking 40% of my chi, and the remaining 60% was almost completely used for the detox. No wonder I was feeling worse and worse and weaker and weaker and losing weight.

Luckily the woman I work with, after confirming my suspicions, was able to cast a powerful binding spell so my daughter wouldn’t be able to suck my chi no more.

That was about 2 weeks ago. I think Buer then stopped the extreme detox because I had learnt what I needed to learn. My body is still having a hard time cleaning up the mess my body now is and all the remaining toxins still floating around. But I hope positive change is coming now.

I also have a strong feeling that leukemia is exactly that: Allowing other people, and specifically family members, to vampirize you, both in the physical world (taking your money, creativity and efforts) and in the energetic world (taking your chi). Once you become slightly aware of what’s happening, a big conflict between your blood and bone marrow develops, representing a conflict between what YOU want and what your family wants (nasty shit). Breaking all contact with these family members (and perhaps casting binding spells if the person is still very young) will start the healing process. Don’t allow others to suck you dry, that’s the big lesson behind leukemia, I think…

Now, let’s hope it all works out… I’ll keep you up to date.

Hail Buer!

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Another update. Eventually I noticed there was a remarkable “coincidence”. All the negative my daughter was doing had a 100% overlap with what my sisters in law had been doing to me. The exact same curses were showing themselves, the vampirism and also the injection of energetic toxins into me. That’s when I contacted my shaman/healer, and she discovered that through telepathy my sisters in law were mindfucking my daughter to do all these things. They were able to act through my daughter!

My healer then created a poppet spell to disarm my sisters in law completely. And that helped a lot. I felt a huge negative load being lifted, and since then I’ve noticed that I started to feel better, and my weight and energy level improved again. I was in a really, really bad condition up till then and was deteriorating quickly, and was really afraid I would die.

So, it seems my sisters in law just can’t stop attacking me. They really, really want me dead, even though I haven’t harmed them in any way, never.

Well, let’s hope their extremely negative influence on my life and health ends now.

Right now, I think I’m healing at a very high speed. Detox is still extreme. At night I sleep very strangely. I go to sleep. then when I wake up I’m certain I’ve slept like 3 or 4 hours. then I look on the clock and it says I’ve only slept 30 minutes. It’s really strange. I have a feeling Buer is healing me while I’m dreaming/sleeping and is helping me release loads of emotions. And the toxins follow.

I tried to invocate Buer. I’m still not that good at it, but I asked if my sisters in law are the main causes of my disease, and he confirmed it (still not 100% sure if he’s talking to me, or if it’s my fantasy, but quite certain). The older sister in law has been injecting toxins into me for like 9 years, while at the same time vampirizing me. Combined with my youngest brother and father vampirizing me, I had to turn ill in the end.

I really hope the toxins are almost all out now. Interestingly I can feel which body parts are being detoxed, because loads of dead skin surfaces on those spots. It seems Buer is working very hard to heal me, and is taking his pact very seriously. It’s a big job though…

Will keep you updated.

Hail Buer!


How are you feeling now @seekerOfTruth?

Something popped into my head, you didnt specify to Buer to make the healing and detoxing process pretty easy on you so you can function and go about your day whilst he does his thing??!

I’m still very weak, but it seems the detox is slowing down. Was able to cook a simple part of a meal, helping my wife, the last two days. Also, my skin looks a bit better.

I didn’t specify a healing speed in the pact. I think the extreme detox is needed, because I had to learn and feel how extremely evil my sisters in law are, and next be able to disarm them. Time was of the essence, or they would have finished me off months ago.

Even with all protection, 2 poppet spells each, they keep on cursing me. Well, they are hence digging their own graves. Honestly, I’d want them to die. I used to be a pacifist, but they’ve taken it too far. No more turn the other cheak nonsense.

We’ll see what happens…

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Something for leukaemia - Do an playlist and listen with earphones using decent volume, listening while sleeping amplifies the effect as it goes right into subconscious. Earphones are required for binaural’s because they uses different frequencies for left and right ears.

Watchuku, Thank you very much for the tip. I already have quite some experience with Rife technology (among which very powerful machine). It can definitely perform wonders and has helped me a lot.

At this time it doesn’t resonate with my intuition, but I will keep it in mind.

Another update: About 6 weeks ago, when I detected new attacks from my sisters in law, I instantly ordered the Kindle version of [Baneful Magick (The Complete Works of E.A. Koetting Book 3)] and starting reading.

After a few days, and my intuition repeatedly indicating which sigil I should use and that I should proceed, I sent the two sisters a “present”. I strongly feel Buer also advised me to do this.

The effects were instant. I felt they stopped their assaults on my little family instantly. No more vampirism, no more daily curses, no more dumping of very aggressive toxins in our bodies. They now finally felt there were serious consequences to their actions.

All the protective measures (+/- 15, worth $2000) like bindings helped a lot, but every time they got back with nasty tricks. Kicking them back in their face is sometimes the only solution, just like in real life.

Shortly after, I felt my Chi level increase a lot. Then my body (probably boosted by Buer) started to detox again at an extremely high intensity. It was and is unbearable most of the days, but it’s obvious that a LOT of toxins leave my body.

I think Buer now indicates I will feel a lot better in like 2 weeks and will heal completely in 10 weeks. I really hope so, because this has been an extremely harsh ordeal for over 2.5 years, for me and my family.

My theory is that once enough toxins have left my bone marrow, the leukocyte producing cells will regenerate to their healthy, original state. Then the load on my spleen will diminish and it will shrink from its current 4000g to the original 250g.

Hail Buer


Do you have an update?