Introduction nicky

Hi i dont have a magickal name jet, I just go by nicky on the internet. Im i terested in ALL types of magik. My biggest ambition is to become a master in all of magik. But at the moment im just a beginner and struggling with seeing internal things external. If anyone can help, Im open to all suggestions XD :laughing:

Ps. If I’ve written this in the wrong place sorry :disappointed: (im new here)

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Welcome to Balg. Any particular interests?

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Welcome @Nicky_Morand

Where are you from?

Do you have any practical experience?

If so, what do you practice, and roughly how long have you been practicing?

Are you following any specific system or tradition?

If you don’t have any practical experience yet, what areas of magick are you particularly interested in leartning?

Hi im from austria Europe. :austria::austria::austria:
Well let me tell you a story about my journey so far.
As most magikal practitioners, i started of as wiccan whenn i was abaut 15 ir 16 years old. I was always interested in anything magikal ritual occult or even white magik. I always was kind of “waiting for a calling”. I wanted something real. And YouTube/Internet pulld me into that wiccan/ pegan current. It was funn but now really very powerful or enlightening. And because of school work and home issues i kind of slowly left that path. But i did come across a video called “most evil curse” by i guy calld ea koetting on YouTube. you know him? Me neither. Haha. Over the years, i kind of stayed in tune with ea’s channel. Almost secretly observing the occult world. In that time period I swiched schools twice, i lost my grandparents and my mother and father got divorced. And now during the pandemic i finally had the time and ability to deep dive into the occult somewhat and hone in on powers of my own. I had read the lemegeton previously and i could afford ea koetting’s “complete works” book. I also had time to set up a temple in me and my dads new home. Because ea’s channel is gine for now i really started to wach other occult channels maggie moon, connor kendall, aserial krabat…ect. and i now decided to take part on the forum. Ant thats my rough story
Im 19 now i turn 20 in November and i wanna learn so many paths nordic, voudoun, enochian magik, dragon magik, astrology, 9 demonic gatekeepers and ect.
I hope that taking part on this forum will help me rech next levels of magik and i one day hope to inspire and help others to do the same.


Hello there Nicky, and welcome to the forum. :wave:t5: Nice to have you here.

Thanks nice to meet you :blush:

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Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

That is quite an ambition. I wish you luck in that!

If you would like to learn Astrological Magick (and Astrology), I would suggest focusing on traditional astrology. Modern Astrology will very easily mislead you in many ways.

Three Books of Occult Philosophy by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa (16th century work) is a good starter, and focusing on the book deeply can take you far, but truly to become knowledgeable and skilled in this tradition requires immense diligence and learning.

I have a question about florida-water.
Can i make it yourself or do i have to buy it?
If yes, whats a good recipe?
Whats its magical uses? Whats its physical uses?
And is it edible?

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