Introduction + need to know about "Tyr."

Well, I will take the “A” as my “name”. Just random. I don’t have any contact with magic, i just have a thing called “Tyr” on my head since 2016 and he is extremely agresive. I came to this forum to know more about it. No, i’m not insane in anyway.
I really don’t now nothing about this “thing” . I only now his name. (Sorry for mi bad english. I’m not native)


Tyr is the Nordic god of war and justice :slight_smile:


Please make a proper introduction it’s a rule of the forum. What is your path, where are you short in skill? Where do you excel in magick? What brought you to magick?

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And how it’s possible to him to be on my head so long? I can talk with him and i saw him (sometimes)

Welcome @Maquiavelo

Do you have any experience at all in magick?

No, i have a bit of experience with paranormal. In my old house it was normal to see a big “human” of shadows. That is all.

Okay. It is a rule of this forum for newcomers to properly introduce themselves and tell us of any experience they may have in magick. You’ve done that so I have edited your title.

Oh, thanks you and sorry for the mistakes.

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Hi. Welcome to the forum.

There is also n awesome menordic metal band named after him they are so cool

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Welcome to balg tyr is a Nordic God you may want to leave ok into him he is pretty amazing