Introduction + Need to get my ex girlfriend back

Hello group I’m new here and need help in getting back my ex girlfriend she broke up with me 3 months now and she have distant herself stays away frm social media and don’t pick or return my calls what can I do?

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Welcome here, @Lawrence_Joseph!

Please, tell us a little more about yourself before you post again. This is a very important rule of our community! There is a little help for your introduction:

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You can use the search button for love spells, there are so many spells that worked

The only advice i can give is do not call her stalk her, cutting communication is the best thing if she broke up with you, trust me no good is going to come that way, let it heal for sometime and do a spell
If you keep on bothering her it will only make ur case so much worse

And please do a introduction like @Nagash said

Good luck!

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Look, from a psychological perspective, the more you pursue, the less successful you will be. As @eVox_61 said, don’t try to get in touch with her. Two things will happen: either she will try to contact you or you may get over her.

Use the search function to find the spell/method of your choosing.

My advice would be to find a spell/working to move on. You may or may not want to find someone else. You’re whole and complete by yourself. You don’t need anyone else. This is assuming you’re an actual magickian and not someone looking for shortcuts.

Welcome @Lawrence_Joseph

Please properly introduce yourself as stated above. Tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick. You have told us nothing about you except your problem, so this doesn’t meet the criteria for a proper introduction.

Hi. And welcome to the forum.