Introduction need help to summon Satan

Hello my name is Aleister and I live in Asia. I am very interested in spiritual and supernatural stuff and Satan and supernatural beings.

I VERY DESPERATELY AND REALLY NEED help to summon Satan and sell my soul to Satan for my desires. Anyone who knows how to summon Satan and sell their soul to Satan for their desires, PLEASE contact and tell me immediately preferably without candles, incense and things that will produce smoke as I live in a public place where I don’t want other people to notice and get me in trouble for doing Satanic ritual.

Take it easy, no need to sell your soul.
Why don’t you start with some invocation? Use the search function, there’s plenty information here.

I can’t take it easy because I have been trying VERY VERY VERY hard for YEARS to sell my soul to Satan and can’t find a working solution until now.

Look at this:

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Welcome @Aleisterking. Do you have any actual experience in magick?

These videos (and the channel, possibly along with other ones) may be helpful:

Edit: how about an oil diffuser instead of incense? Perhaps one with colored light… Otherwise you may keep the basic guideline of a ritual, doing it without candles and the rest.

Hello @DarkestKnight what is magick? What’s the difference between magic and magick?

The “K” was added to the word back in the nineteenth century to help separate true magick from stage magic and sleight of hand.


You don’t need to sell your soul. Satan has no use for it.