Introduction & My experiences with Prince Orobas

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Look man, I am a simple guy, anyone mentions of master Bardon and my respect for them is over the roof :smiley: anyways, no more polluting the thread from me. Welcome again OP.


Yeah Bardon really does rock. If you were locked away in a prison cell for five years with nothing but I that book, you’d come out a living God lol.


Yes you would probably get out out early for good behaviour lol :smiley:

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I don’t think those first two things are in his sphere of influence from the sources I’ve read as far as I can tell. Even the last one, depending on what you mean by it. Why did you choose to work with him for that?

But another issue is ritual and channel of communication. The structure of the ritual does make a huge difference to both results and communication. But the other issue is the channel of communication. You need to find a way that your own thoughts don’t mix in too much with the experience so as to alter it.

Also, welcome @anon25000386! Glad to have you :slight_smile:

Btw, do you perhaps know how large a legion is? (In the context of the Goetia)

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My auto-writing stopped working. The spirits hide the reason for this. So I wanted to ask Orobas why. I turned to him because magicians say that he never lies.

I’ve always thought it was meant in the sense of the roman legion, around 6,000. The only reference I make to that is the story of Jesus casting out demons from a possessed man. I’d be interested in knowing if you know otherwise.

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Hmmm that is very curious, I agree with the above statement about the shape of the ritual having an effect on communication. It’s like this your driving in a car and your friend is driving in a car next to you in the other lane. If you rolled down your window to talk to him you’d have to speed up or slow down until you were lined up with the other car to talk to them.
This is where trance comes in, and making sure your open enough to receive, and also that you know how to recognize thoughts that aren’t yours. Most people sadly can’t recognize thier own thoughts vs that of an attached trickster spirit and it leads to problems all the time.
Hope that analogy helps my friend.

P.s. I had serious trouble in the beginning with that same problem.

Dude THE 55th spirit of the Goetia Prince Orobas is a real boss player.

He is a night spirit so make sure you evoke at night. Simple English Demonic Evocation Guide
Use this format exactly to evoke, I’ve gotten him to come to full physical appearance with this method.
Give him an offering of quaker oats, camel turkish gold cigarettes ( light one for him near his seal and declare it for him) and a glass of water.

Now IF you DO this he will come I guarantee it. WHEN he arrives offer him food water and tobacco as gifts befitting a great Prince.

Now you have two choices, you can thank him for his attendance and ask that he answers you again and give him license to depart.

You can make your request or petitions to him.

I’ve read your above post and there is no doubts in mind he would help you.

I look forward to an update from you.
Your a magician right? If you fail once you don’t just quit dude. You try again until you get it right. Only way you’re going to grow past this.
And you’re welcome in advance :wink:

Oh whatever agreement you make with him you better honestly in your heart intend to keep With him. He will gaze into you, through you and know your heart as he knows all things. If you don’t intend to deal fairly with him it may go bad for you. Other Magicians have been literally smote and killed by him for deceit. So honor your word to the great Prince.


Very interesting. I think some time ago I searched the amount of a legion or it asked on here and for some reason the answer I found was that a the amount of a legion (In the Roman context) was that it was a uncertain amount. But I searched it again and found that as you say, in that period a Legion was 6,000. Really not sure why I thought it was not a set amount. Thanks for that!

So in that case, that would make the combined forces of all the Demons of the Goetia to be 16,362,000 (2727 Legions).

I think this was meant for @Embermane? The message was set as a reply to my post instead.
But I just want to add that it is not necessary to work with a Goetia Demon within a certain time (The day, the night etc.), many these days find it is effective to work with them without regard to anything like that. If Amon is a Night Spirit I’ve probably went against that before, and other recommendations of the old grimoires. Similarly, it is recommended to work with the 7 Olympic Spirits on the appropriate day and appropriate astrological hour, but I’ve found it’s not necessary at all as well.

And on offerings, many these days also choose to not give offerings and without any issue. So that is an option. Of course, I’m not saying that one should not give an offering or that one should not work within a certain time etc. I’m just saying it is possible to successfully work with them even without these things.

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I think I might have sent it to you wrongly. Sorry and you’re right you can summon them whenever without offerings or with it’s always up to you.
Yeah I just looked it was a wrong send. Sorry my friend I think I was still learning how the buttons here work. :grinning:

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Can you please share how can I contact him?

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Do you mean you want to know how to contact to the great Prince Orobas?

Greetings Mike_Bee,

Tell me, would it be efficient to contact Prince Orobas through Sigil Magic à la EA ? (opening his sigil and try to establish contact, communicate desire through this media)

Your testimonial about your relationship with this Prince is quite fascinating.

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Yes I think establishing communication via the sigil method is just fine. I’d expect it to be fairly easy.

Prince Orobas enjoys having open doors into our world, collaboration, networking.

This plus he’s honest and won’t allow a magician to be decieved by imposter spirits make him a very beginner friendly spirit. Heck he’s a great spirit to have no matter what stage of the game you’re in.


Thank you for your answer !

Prince Orobas is supposed to know past, present and future. Did he grant you with the gift of clairvoyance ?


I work with him before I give him license to depart. We’ve been working on clairaudience. Now I’m able to hear him directly.

But he tells me things about the future all the time

This is the most common way I make contact with him.

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Ok. I’m not quite fluent in directly hearing Spirits. I hope - although it is through Sigil- we will etablish a good and clear communication, with all respect due to his noble rank.

In goetic littérature, he is omniscient and has the power to make that the conjuror is recognized for his true abilities and rewarded accordingly. From your (long!) experience with this mighty Prince, could you tell if he has other powers or abilities ? For example healing, mental manipulation, help in astral projection …