Introduction + incubi and succubi

Hello all, I’m glad that I have finally found a forum like this. You can call me Violet. I’m from Spain.
My field of magical study -and, of course, practice- is incubi and succubi, specially the first ones. For this reason I offer help and guidance on this subject to anyone who needs it. I’m a writer, so I’m thinking of writing a complete guide about it.
I know, this is a field full of prejudice and ignorance, so I hope I can be helpful here even if English isn’t my mother tongue.

Preferred magicks and topics of study: I’m interested in the study of Qlipha, Left Hand Path, and all the forms of magic that are useful for learning.

Particular areas of magick where I need help: I am always learning, but I am interested in the practical and theoretical comparisons between Kabbalah and Qlipha.

I can help with: incubi/succubi, tarot, simbology.


You need to make a proper introduction as per forum rules.

Done, I hope it’s correct now

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Welcome @Velvetvillain

How long have you practiced?

Do you have any practical experience in specific systems or traditions?

We have plenty of folks here well versed in this subject. It’s quite popular, so you’ll fit right in :slight_smile:


Welcome Velvet!

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Do you think a succubus is like a species of spirit or is it more comparable to a title given to any spirit who connects with humans sexually?


Nice to meet you. Is a succubus just any female spirit made of sexual energy? Whatever sexual energy is and how its different from every other form of energy.

In your experience,what would you say succubus energy looks,feels,smells,and tastes like?

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You’re welcome to the forum. Asides the sex, what do the succubus have to offer humans? What are they capable of spiritually and physically?

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Thanks! :wink:

I was very precocious, I started learning tarot and symbology when I was ten years old. Ironically, it was my grandfather, who was very religious, who gave me my first tarot deck.
At the age of 19, I became interested in demonology and Laveyan Satanism. I did my first magical works but I was not yet ready, so I spent years studying. To this day I still consider myself on the path of learning.
Today I work mainly with the Qlipoth tree but I am interested in all magical information, such as the work of Cornelius Agrippa.


Interesting question. I think there are many types of spirits that have a sexual nature or are sexually active. Like fae, some tulpas, even angels. Sex is everywhere and it´s part of life and creative energy.

The lilitu species (succubi and incubi) are particularly active in this field, but they also have other functions. An evolved lilitu has very complex magical abilities and a great capacity for conversation. Specially when they are satiated.


Nice to meet you too :wink:

Lilitu can have masculine or femenine form (incubi/succubi) and they work in exactly the same way. There are not formed from sexual energy specifically, but sex is their main form of nourishment. Here I am talking about both sexual encounters and fantasies. Let’s say it’s their diet. And they tend to be specially kinky. But they are much more than sex.

A succubus is a very complex entity, especially if you have given it the opportunity to evolve at your side. They are able to transmute sexual energy and use it for magical purposes. They are fascinating creatures, I can assure you that.

Lilitu´s energy is very powerful and intense. It´s difficult to explain how they feel, but sometimes you can perceive them in a deeper way than a human. They are the best lovers.
Their smell or taste can be varied, each one is different, just as we humans are different. Some can smell like incense, musk, burnt caramel, or even the upholstery of a new car. Some magicians claim that their saliva is addictive. Usually, you are assigned one that you are compatible with, so you will like its smell and taste. And sometimes (many times) it will surprise you.


Thanks, Muggie!

Lilitu can offer many things to a magic practicioner. They are capable of working on a very deep level if you are able to forget the prejudices about them. Sexual energy is very powerful when you are taught how to control it, and every lilitu without exception knows how to do it. They will only teach it to those who have true interest and respect their soul. The rest are just food for them.

In addition to this, they are excellent talkers, they can offer you company, protection and advice, even develop healing abilities. They evolve on the basis of affection and dedication. Many are interested in the study of magic to cultivate new skills.

When they reach these levels of depth they are no longer the feral energetic vampire that leaves you drained. The “evil” creature that scare rookies in the sleazy demonology books, you know.

Energy draining, if it occurs, only happens during the early stages, because of the novelty and unfamiliarity with the entity. Once the energies are balanced, the lilitu teach you how to get the energy to reverse and flow so you can both use it. Everything in excess is bad, specially from lack of knowledge.

Oh, and you will have the best sex of your life.


welcome Violet

I love making servants and they are really no different from humans, they have feelings and their own personality,
Do they have specialized Expertise?
and can a bisexual servant be created?


Thanks for your reply! This topic is of great interest to me.

What can a human offer a succubus that truly benefits them? Other than making sexual energy available to them… or is that all they want? Do you have any tips on how someone can be a good partner to a non-physical entity?



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I’ve been involved with a “succubus” for many years now and she is more like my spiritual wife, best friend as well as a mentor wrapped in one. Yes, there are some out there just looking for sex, but many, despite the power they possess are looking for the very things we are. Love, respect, companionship. If it’s just sex you are looking for, then be sure to put that out there and hopefully you’ll get what you desire…otherwise you’ll draw in someone looking for more of a relationship. Just like any relationship, you have to be completely ready and willing to take and devote time to him/her. As for the tips, again just always be respectful, treat them as you want to be treated, be honest as they will always know if you are lying any way, and make sure you devote time to them.


What would one do when ones first sex magick experience attracted a succubus entity but they said they didn’t want sex… because they wanted to focus on the physical after a negative experience with an imposter entity masquerading as one of Lady lilliths sons?

Thank you, Saman!

Yes, indeed. Each lilitu can have significantly different knowledge depending also on the source they come from, their demonic mother, their age and or particular experiences -abundant or non-existent-. Lately, I have been doing some research to look more deeply into this issue.

I don´t personally refer to the lilitu as servants, because I consider them to have a lot of free will. They are capable of having “free choice” and complete individuality. Some may be obedient or appear to be obedient, mainly because their nature is complacent. But too much control over them can become dangerous, even if you are an experienced magician. In any case, it is a personal matter, if it works for you, it is perfectly correct :wink:

On the subject of bisexuality. Good question: as lilitu are sexually very active and like to experiment, most of them I think have no problem being bisexual. But if you are looking for an incubus or a succubus with this specific characteristic, you should be very clear about it from the very first step. Because a monogamous and heterosexual lilitu will not change its mind easily and he may feel hurt. And they do exist.

When you meet a lilitu, its energy is pre-existent, and it comes with given characteristics . As magicians we can mold some of these characteristics, but I would make it all clear from the beginning. And most importantly, have fun!


You´re welcome. Tanarawewah!

Incubi and succubi like humans a lot, especially those involved with magic. In addition to giving them a vision of the material world from an unprejudiced mind, we offer them something they love: sensations. They have a natural curiosity about things, apart from being fascinated by “materic” sex.

Most come from a state of darkness or “non-existence” - someday I will talk more in depth about this and the spiritual and theological connotations-. Interacting with us puts them in a state of “existence”, which is why they tend to become significantly addicted to humans. This is what has made them scary for some people and has contributed to their bad reputation. Something I consider understandable but quite unfair.

If you want to be a good partner for a lilitu, you will need to be patient, open minded. Communicate well with the entity from the beginning and study as much as you can.
Knowledge is power, but you will also encounter bad books along the way. I am compiling a list and would like to make a post about it later.
Forget the nineteenth-century conception that a lilitu is going to absorb your energy as if you were a bubble tea and they had the straw. I do not mean to minimize the bad experiences that some people have had with evil spirits, but that is another topic for discussion.

In general, any spirit that you approach with affection and respect will respond in the same way.

I think it was Borroughs who said that it took brave magicians to deal with these entities, record their experiences and share them with others. The good thing about this century is that we have it so much easier because of the amount of knowledge and connections we have at our fingertips :blush:


I agree with you, because that’s exactly how it works. I´ve read a handful of bizarre grimoires and horror stories about these entities over the years, but I’m glad to find open minds and a refreshing perspective. When I met one of these spirits I had to investigate on my own, because my experiences did not correspond with those creepy tales.

They make great mentors, and you don’t even need them to be a high demon or a qliphot deity for that. Of course you can work with these types of entities in a mixed way as well, but a lilitu is going to be a more intimate partner. At least according to my experience.