Introduction (I'm new) + Medicine Buddha Experiment

Hi there,

I am a relatively new magician (about 1 year or so). ,My approach could be seen as somewhere midway between shamanic and demonolatry (no forcing or compelling beings) with a heavy influence from Baal Kadmin. So I’m a “Shamanic Kadmoninite” I’ve had some success with many demons of the goetia and some gods.

Would appreciate feedback on an experiment I tried out with medicine Buddha. Essentially I wrote a pact or contract using his mantra and image as a sigil and used my saliva on it to activate.Please find the link below.




Hey bud happy you’re here.
It’s great you made a post to introduce yourself but part of the rules is to leave a comment here regarding the matter.

So just click the link and introduce yourself here.
I hope you enjoy all the information BALG has to offer :blush::heart: