Introduction: Ex Back Spell

Hi everyone! I’m 21 turning 22 years old in a few days and I’m from India. I’m a female and a firm believer in magick

The spiritual realm has always interested me but I haven’t ever tried magick but now I feel it’s time. I’m so very new and I would love to learn

My family is pretty open and spiritual as well but don’t experiment with the lesser known. I broke up with my ex in August 2018.

I paid spell casters to do rituals but none worked hence I thought of evoking Dantelion, Duke Sallos, King Paimon or Pomba Gira to help me.

I need a lot of guidance so any tips are very welcome.

I really love my ex boyfriend and I want him back.

Much love to all :slight_smile:


Are you either Hindu or Muslim?

@emperor Well my family is hindu but my mom practices Buddhism. We aren’t religious. Spiritual, yes :slight_smile:

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What form of Buddhism does she practice?

Does she serve any spirits on her altar? Or does she keep it to daily meditation practice?

Her type of Buddhism makes a difference. Some schools practice things that are forbidden in others

@emperor Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism. It’s a Japanese sect. She keeps it to mediation purely. Doesn’t serve any spirits.


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Ok, she works with the Lotus Sutra and does mantrayama (chanting). A friend of mine does Nichiren as well.

(Mis)se chants from the Lotus Sutra to do this. Shakyamuni’s words won’t go awry, their his words and have power - even if you filter your own meaning through them.

In meditating position at your altar, chant this for around 20 minutes:
Sho I Sha Ga Nyo Rai Ho Ben, Chi Ken Hara Mitsu Gon Ji Nyu Nan Ek Ka Shu Shin.

(Because I have the power to employ skills, And the power to perform those teachings so gently and skillfully that living being are delighted).

Then skry a photo of your ex on your altar. Stare at it without taking your eyes off the page, and chant the following for 30 minutes or so:

Gen kai e ren bo, Ni sho katsu go shin, Shu jo ki shin buku, Shichi jiki I nyu nan.
(They adore and admire me, they become devout, upright and gentle, and wish to see me with all their hearts).

Continue until you get a feeling of connection with him. The photo should begin moving around on the page like it’s alive. Then tell your man to come back to you.

Continue chanting the 2nd mantram for 10 minutes or so until you feel all is calm.

It should take around an hour to do all of this, maybe more.

The key to the chant are they must be rhythmic. If you have to, record yourself saying them, and play them on infinite loop over music as you repeat them. Make sure each syllable is on a steady rhythm.

The key is for you to enter the flow state. Buddhism works with flow states rather than trance states.

Let us know what happens.

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@emperor that’s a phrase from the lotus sutra! I used to chant the lotus sutra with my mom when I was younger.

I have actually recited the entire lotus sutra in front of the Ghonzon (the scroll) several times asking the universe to bring my ex back but haven’t seen much results.

I could definitely try this. However I feel this is more on the light side of work.

I really feel at this time petitioning Pomba Gira or Dantelion would help. But as a beginner it is definitely not easy.
In fact I tried activating Duke Sallos’s Sigil, I didn’t see the Sigil “flash” like they say.

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Thank you :slight_smile:


I know it’s from the Lotus Sutra! That’s why i chose it.

The sangha is always with you. Remember the oaths your mom took when she began insight meditation?

She has bodhisattvas floating around you two at all times. They can help you fix things in your life. They can operate in the same way shades of the dead and necromantic spirits do for Satanists, but with none of the danger. Bodhisattvas are enlightened beings.

Also, the words in the Lotus Sutra have a lot of power due to so many int he sangha having chanted them daily for centuries. Words of power you can tap into.

That’s why i asked you what school you were in.

There’s no need for you to dabble into Satanism for answers when you are a Buddhist. The grass is not greener in Satanism, in fact quite the opposite. Everything you need is already in what you do now. You just have to dig deeper and find it.

You don’t have to chant the whole Sutra. Just use those words alone, chanting in front of the scroll while concentrating on your ex. The lines i chose are focused on bringing you two back together. Having a photo of him in front of your altar is a useful focusing device, and lets the spirits know who you mean. If you two have a future, that’s your best bet.


Realize the bodhisattva will not bring him back to you if you two aren’t meant to be. They see things you don’t see. Be grateful for their wisdom - sometimes you want things in life that aren’t good for you.

Demons will give you what you want even if it’s bad for you and let you suffer the consequences. Sometimes to teach you a lesson.

Buddhism is different - it works with enlightened beings that want you to ascend. So your guardians will steer you away from distractions and earthly lusts and desires that lead to your descent, and towards more encouraging and enlightening areas and beings.

Operate within the parameters of your system so you get the best result. It could be the bodhisattva and sangha choose for you someone else who enlightens you and raises your vibration. Or maybe they separated you from your ex so one or both of you can learn something that will bring you forward in this reincarnation. If so, that’ll become apparent. You’ll gain the same level of wisdom you’d gain from demons, but with less pain and no repercussions.

Let time be the final judge of this matter. Just keep chanting and let things work out as they will. Cheers

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Very well said and put. :slight_smile:

The process is fairly slower and still depends on free will.

I am however searching for a little more agressive techniques.

I’ve been stuck since August 2018. The lotus sutra clears a lot of karma but isn’t giving me the results I need.

You probably don’t want to hear this, but it must be said.

There’s also this.

I keep in mind that prosperity is attracted to speed, so when things come to a standstill, i know either you’re asking for the right thing in the wrong way, or you may be asking for the wrong thing.

You have to decide which is true for you.

Keep in mind the bodhisattva are always looking out for your best interests.

If they feel you’re asking for will tempt you into evil (evil being defined as anything that distracts you from chanting and meditating to attain buddhahood), they will exercise shoju upon you to correct you. Which isn’t the easiest form of rebuke, but it’s also not shocking or unpleasant.

Keep in mind sometimes not getting what you want is better for you.

But hey.

It’s your life.

So do what thou wilt, etc.

Keep us posted on how this turns out for you

Sometimes it wont give you what you want, but what is best in the grander scheme of things. Sometimes it takes a while to manifest because its sorting through your own crap in your life to filter out your negativity. Only then will things become recognized. The hardest part is just holding on until it is manifested. Then there is inconspicuous benefit where you dont even realize its a benefit until later on down the road. I am kinda in the same boat, feeling very lost and sad after a long term relationship ended and i never saw it coming. Doing vigorous diamoku for him to come back but feeling like nothing is changing. But things are changing all around me in different aspects of my life, i just get so hyper focused on my loss that i cant see my gains.

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