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Will guess who’s back, hello guys and girls, I’ll been with ea back 2012 when first open up, neromaster, alex, and Zach its been awhile I’ll been going through some difficult times with magick, they all know I practices magick and forceing me to go to church,burn my ea. books, this girl was set up with my family to destroy my life because of magick, she know and had spiritual baby name josiah that nearly kill me in a atomic level, can magick be destroyed by Christian power like I can see and touch the spirit of the newborn baby enter her mother’s womb, she was evil she didn’t view magick as good but evil and she determine to destroy magick, ever seen that day felt violated, stab form my back form my own family, destroy of my credit, weak, feel powerless can evoke depressed. Can anyone help me?

Depends on the individual power on both sides, but try calling on this powerful Duke for aid:

If your evocation is fine then ignore this, otherwise it might help:

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@Godof2conscious please be aware that we do have a rule requiring all new members to properly introduce themselves which came into effect back in 2014.

We don’t know you, so please tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick.


Thanks lady_Eva blessings