Introduction and being contacted by ancient gods

Hello everyone. I’m completely new. I don’t practice any kind of magick, although I’ve dabbled with tarot. My boyfriend has practiced magick for a number of unknown years, although I’ve always had a curiosity for witchcraft. I also know a couple other people who practice and have many years of experience.

Again I don’t practice but I do have an interest in practicing. I find my recent experience to be rather strange. I had a dream. I don’t know if I could call it a dream for sure. I felt as though my body was asleep but my mind was fully conscience. It was pitch black, as if I were in a room with no lights. I heard a voice speak to me asking me to seek them out and a sigil in gold appeared. I could feel my heart pick up in speed because the voice had startled me, but then after I had snapped out of it, I said yes nervously but eagerly. That’s when I awoke. I felt confusion when I did because why would anything want to contact me. Is this out of the ordinary? Has this every happened to you? And what should I do about it? I have no idea how I should get started.

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Do you know what the sigil was? if you do then you can go about reaching out to whatever owns said sigil.

I do. It was King Paimon’s sigil.

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