Introducion of blackmagician55000

Hello names Blackmagician born in United States raised in Missouri. (Age 19)
Magic I practice vampirism mind control
Strengthening my power of my mind, body spirit, soul.
vampire mind control through dark magick infused meditation,
my spirit my soul vibrate at the demonic level which is why I absolutely need to meditate with infused black magick.
Lately My black magick has been backfiring
My vampiric mind control is too powerful it’s unstable and it’s backfiring to the point my life is being ruined repeatedly.
I’m just trying to learn how to use my vampiric mind compulsion without it backfiring.
I need to talk to somebody so I can learn to gain control of my vampiric mind control.


Welcome to the forum. You have already accomplished a lot. Has something changed in your life right before the “backfiring”?

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How long have you practriced?

A lot of this sounds kind of like vampire diaries ngl o.o


Welcome :blush:

In what way?:thinking:

Welcome to the forum :wave:t5:

2 in a half years

Well did u control your chakras,? Meditacion. Bcse 1 thing is being a mind control vampiire,or master mind, another is a semi vampire who worships and evoke deities, sometimes energy gey mix and its time to purify it at least 1 a week. So wat kind of vampire u are,?

As far i knw vpires stay away from demons, not sure which authors u follow, or wat u practice, but most of the semi vampires i read do cleaning meditation whit dark energy.

I do it with subconscious subliminals but it just backfires because I bring out everyone’s evil side not intentionally.
It no longer matters anymor