Introducing myself

Hello Balg! I’m a magician from California, I’ve been practicing for 3 years now and have been lurking on this forum the whole time. I’ve started with more chaos magick, e.i. sigils and servitors, and have slowly moved on to more spirit based magick. I don’t follow any specific tradition, but most of my focus is on angels and demons.

When I discovered magick I was a complete non-believer. I did some sigil magick out of curiosity and it worked, so I did it again and it just kept working. It was a weird time because I considered myself to be a materialist at the time and yet magick was basically giving me no choice but to believe in it. Anyway, three years out it is still working and my life has been completely turned around.

My ambition to interact with spirits. The things I’m looking for is to be able to perceive spirits (visually is ideal but not required), to have two-way communication with spirits, and to get results in physical world from spirits. I have achieved the last requirement, any gallery of magick book will show you how to do that. Then lastly, I need to do all three at once, as in an evocation. Currently I struggle with anything requiring otherworldly perception, like evocation, astral projection, and scrying.

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Welcome to the forum! :smiley: