Introducing myself

I’m Melissa. I’ve been a practicing Pagan for nearly 20 years. I work with spirit and several different Deities but I am highly devoted to Kali.

I was recently introduced to Goetia by my mentor, to be honest I was extremely nervous about this path.
However, after having had a dream in which Azazel was present I have been intrigued. I don’t remember my dreams often and when I do there is usually a reason. This dream was quite strange and I have yet to figure it out.
I am ready to walk down this path because I am fully aware I’m all over the place mentally and things need to change. I’m in flux and life is ever changing. However, I am wanting to evolve and ascend to higher consciousness. I realized there is much that is hidden in regards to all this, andi am craving this knowledge. I don’t know much about Goetia and I’m in the infancy stages of my journey. I am interested in history of Goetia and the ties to ancient Pagan beliefs, as well as the spiritual journey that will come with this knowledge. I have tried to work with Clauneck briefly, but as I soon learned you better be ready to do that which needs to be done and not waste Claunecks time. I was not evidently ready to fully commit to that journey and so I’m trying to get my bearings and learn as much as I can before I run wild if you will. I am excited about this new path and I am ready to learn and grow. It’ll be nice to connect to others who have already begun that journey and are well established and knowledgeable in all of this.

I look forward to meeting all of you


Welcome @Acidmoon81

Where are you from?

Do you follow any particular tradition?

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Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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Welcome home!

Tell us more about your dream with Azazel, please. Dream interpretation is an area of interest for myself and some others in this community.

Glad to meet you and to see that you are on the right path. The one and only true path for humanity.

Welcome to the forum sister!