Introducing Myself to BALG, first intro onto any forum!?!?


My name is Hieu but i usually type it as Huey because thats how it is pronounced in English.

I have always been fascinated by magic, growing up with fantasy computer games and cartoons I had always wanted to be magical. As a teenager I started with Astral Projection but to no avail, I was then obsessed withe meaning of life and what was to come after. After contemplating and studying a myriad of philosophical ideas I decided to move on and live my life in the “real” world becoming an adult and crushed by the “system”. Raised as a catholic and going to a catholic high school skewed my view on the world but i started to call “bullshit” and no longer believed in the catholic faith at all…

Now after experiencing a some sort of quarter life crisis and a career change (from chef to dog trainer) my interest was caught by E.A Koettings youtube channel and thus this forum. My interest of the Left Hand Path has been sparked and I can’t turn it off.

My current goals consist of:

  • Learning and Mastering soul travel
  • My first evocation ( I have yet to decide on a spirit to evoke)
  • I have a strong lust sense and have only experienced sex once, I want to attract more sex into my life ( i have been reading succupedias posts and am considering evoking succubus.
  • Financial stability, as im pretty much flat broke!

My struggles

  • Still struggling to leave my body at all, though i have done so at once or twice
  • Money… money… money…
  • no sex…

Funny that my struggles are just opposite of my goals!

Thanks for reading my little post, its the first post I’ve ever made on a forum despite reading manny.


Thought id post another photo as it only let me post one on the first post.

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Well written, could you copy it to:





I didn’t realise, Will do now. Thanks!

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You’re Welcome.
Glad you got me so quick. :blush:



It’s ok @Yberion, its a seperate intro post, it’s acceptable. Welcome @Huimister :blush:

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Welcome to Wonderland! :wink:

I feel you 100% on that quarter life crisis smh. I decided not to cook anymore myself. Welcome to the forum, best of luck with things