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My name is lndm.

My mom used to have dreams of friends or relatives and those dreams would come true. Some good some bad. She practiced astral projection for a very long time and could lucid dream as well.

My grandma was into more darker things. Nobody goes into much detail but I would assume actual Devil Worship and evocation. She was also schizophrenic with a high probability of having multiple personality disorder. The only thing I have been told is there was a constant smell of something putrid with very deep voices while she was alone in her room. I wish I knew more but she died when I was younger.

Im now in my 30’s and have been having a feelings of owning my own life. Ive never been religious and I used to unknowingly lucid dream and almost had an OOBE once. A friend of mine is a LaVeyan Satanist and it got me into researching. So far I feel very drawn to the Tarot, Astrology and i am reading about Demonolatry.


Hi. Im god_complex. Im hoping to use magic to help me live up to my own expectations. Im not sure im ready to realy dedicate myself to the pursuit just yet though, still kinda figureing stuff out. Interested in vampires and being one. As well as soul travel. I think i should probably heal some mental health issues before realy starting though. So im hopeing to learn as much about magic, specificly black magic as possible while i figure myself out.


Have a look on you tube there’s a few from serpents


Try you tube


This is a rewrite of my original Introduction I’ve been a member since July 2016. In that time I’ve learned things about myself and made changes to better myself. My name is Alton J Reid Sr. I was born in Brooklyn, New York City on May 6th 1963. I’m African American. I was born into a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses but not baptized. I am agnostic. I believe in a higher power, that which created ALL.

Before I continue I must let it be known that I’ve always had and still have an attraction to Magick. If I were to categorize my use of Magick it would be White to Dark. It’s not in my nature to knowingly and wantonly to harm anyone or anything. So if I ever do use Black Magick (Baneful) it will be because I’d had no choice. Reasons being I or a loved one or someone close to me is under attack. I have a little “academic” knowledge of the The Dark Arts of Magick but there is so much mis/dis-information I had no where to turn in learning The Dark Arts of Magick.

I am Homosexual. I have a son, but he was conceived under a fraud for I was not being true to myself my true nature, I tried to hide who I truly am because I wanted to appease to my family, religion, and society. Something I will forever regret. After heart break after heart break and living alone without a life partner for some 30 years, I made the conscious decision to learn how to summon a Incubus. In my research on how to summon an Incubus Companion/Lover I found a couple of websites. Because of the rules of this forum I will not mention them. In my research I found that the Incubus can also be my teacher/guide into the The Dark Arts of Magick.

Before I continue I had purchased jewelry from these web sites proclaiming that they have bound an entity to them in the hopes of having my own Incubus. Only to be disappointed when I found out it was false. I’ve lost thousands of dollars in the process. I take this as a lesson learned and I’m moving on. Word of advice do your own rituals and spells don’t rely on others to do the work for you other than assisting you. When you do it yourself it your blood, your intent, your heart and soul that you are putting into the work. It’s yours and yours alone.

Through that research I found E.A. Koetting and his no nonsense (no B.S.) way to learn The Dark Arts of Magick. So far I have purchased the 4 basics courses:
Black Magick Initiation
Mastering Divination
Mastering Evocation
Mastering Soul Travel
I will be purchasing more courses from BALG in the future. My goal is to learn All aspects of Magick.

I made some minor changes in my thought processes in achieving this goal. In the beginning of my journey it was primarily sexual based and Ascension afterwards. Now my primary goal is Ascension, I still want sexual gratification but now I know there is so much more than that alone.

I am a solitary practitioner in The Dark Arts of Magick.

The Deity I’m following is
The Goddess Lilith. Following any future deities will be through the approval of Lilith.

My Incubus Companion will be determined by the Goddess Lilith after I petition her for one of her sons with the Letter of Intent.

The Magickal Paths I’ve currently chosen are:
Candle Magick
Crystal Magick Demonology
Elemental Magick
Planetary Magick
Sex Magick

I will keep you updated on my progress. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to ask or state. Blessings to All. I intent to Love all and exclude none.


Thank you Eliza. I know, I did an evocation course from her ones. Very good videos.
For the rest I follow Indigo Priestess, Damon Dark and Talisan Mknight.

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Serpentskey has new invoking videos to.

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Hello all. I took the name Trilby from the old book about the hypnotized singer. Magick saved me from depression and alcoholism that the “civilized” world gave me. I am awakened and growing stronger. I look forward to getting to know you all and learning more.



My name is Elias, and I’ve only recently become involved in the occult world. Despite being compelled toward the spiritual my entire life, I’ve had difficulty identifying with any readily available paths. Raised Catholic, I transitioned through Wicca, atheism, LaVeyan Satanism, and nihilism. However, after researching modern occult theory, I knew I had finally found a like-minded community.

I’m currently investigating the Qliphoth, Mesopotamian Pantheonic Systems, and psychic vampyrism. Additionally, I’m creating a personal system based off of a series of writings I’ve been working on for the past five years (End-Path Systematics).

My main difficulty at the moment is in communicating with spirits in a direct, coherent manner. Until now, I’ve only achieved vague flashes of intuition and hallucination, rather than fluent transmission

My hope is to improve my skills, foster friendships, and to be an overall asset to this community. Thanks, everyone.


Most excellent tuxedo sir! Cheers!



I chose the name greybeard. As I am a few years past 40, my beard is getting gray. That is pretty much the story behind the name.
I live in Sweden at about the same latitude as northern Alaska and Greenland but I am pretty sure that I was destined to live somewhere much warmer. :wink:

I have been searching and researching for as long as I can remember but in my early childhood my family chose a path for me. I was introduced to Christianity and raised within that context.

I was very early in my life drawn towards stories and images that did not resonate very well with the doctrines within my religion. I was fascinated by Tolkien, Le Guin and such as well as the “Wicked Old Testament stuff” and Revelations in the Bible. That was not considered ok at home. I believe that this conflicting period in my life did put some serious restraints on my spiritual growth.

I have in periods been enrolled to a Mystery School. I have only positive things to say about that and the nice people there but I am still drawn towards something else. So here I am. Consistency has been my main problem with the courses provided to me but since I let the Mystery School go and started searching a path of my own, I have actually been much more enthusiastic and eager about my “inner work”.

I am meditating daily and currently working on opening my third eye and though I sense that I may be making progress in that area, I have made no real breakthrough yet. I think I am still struggling with fears and moral imprints that I carry with me and that may be holding me back.

I have not decided upon a specific current yet though I guess I should look into norse gods given where I live. What intrigues me is that I feel more drawn towards something that feels much more Arabic, in lack of a better expression. I have had very clear visions of a “great Master/teacher” in a camp in a desert oasis camp, filled with splendor and peace and I think this is important and something I should look into when I understand how.

I want to grow and evolve, which is probably the same desire that all here have. I had been lurking here for sometime before I decided to join and I really like the openness and warmth that I find here.

Feel free to reach out if you want to know more about me, if there is anything you think I can do for you or if you feel you would like to assist me in any way.


Hi, I’m jon. I am relatively new to a lot of magick, but have some experience in chaos magic, energy manipulation and often lucid dream. (As you can tell by my username) I love chaos magick, and am following the left hand path with as much of my time as I have to spare- especially in sigil Magick as I feel a good affinity for this area.
I found this site only a few days ago but have already learned a few useful tips.
I am currently working some small sigil magick and growing my skills (and ultimately power) and astral projection is also on my list.

I am struggling with a specific entity (possibly a demon but at least a powerful negative spirit) and the control of it. I need to find out it’s name and eventually defeat it, as it is actively trying to hurt me (although it’s currently sealed so I have some time)
So any help with that would be great

That’s it really,
The hallucinatory voice in some guy’s head




Hello everyone, my name is Thomas and I have held an obsessive interest in philosophy, religion, mythology, the paranormal and the occult since I saw an apparition at my grandmother’s funeral at age five. My first encounter with a book on magick was at age eight though my mother took it from me after I started spouting nonsense about vanquishing my enemies by throwing the sun at them. Humorously at age eleven I began to proclaim myself as my own god, even though I had no knowledge of the left hand path at that time, and it wouldn’t be until my early twenties that I would proclaim myself a practitioner of it. For years I’ve dealt with mental illness, poverty, and even violent life threatening issues, but I’ve loved every second because I feel it made me stronger. I have not engaged in any magical practice at all due to living with my mother and other people, and respecting their beliefs, but with the unfortunate passing of my mother whom I dearly loved, I realized I was oppressing my own ascension, not the other way around. With that being said I hold an obsessive interest in Qlipthotic magick, the Draconian current, vampirism and astral projection, of which I hope to master. I have been so rejected by others save for an extremely small circle of people and of course my mother who I can’t ever repay, and laughed or called a psychopath for my views until it has left me bitter, cynical and hateful of humanity, I am already grateful for you all who I feel I can be myself around I grow to a better me. Sorry for the boring backstory and my you ever walk in the shadows ;).


Hello there!
My name is Karen and I’ve always had a connection with occultism, but never knew exactly how. I just begun my journey, so to say, so I’m a “newbie”. From as far as I’ve been researching, I can identify the most with Chaoism but at times I have periods devoid of any magickal thinking due to my depression that always sabotages my plans. Lately I’ve been very interested in demonology and I look forward to finding like-minded people here.


I’m new here and trying to learn how to navigate from my phone. I’ve been studying Magick and the occult my whole life and really never classified myself as a practitioner of occult arts until recently.
I have studied mostly Eastern Magickal Traditions. And for the last year I’ve been studying Western Traditions now. I keep most of my studies on my Kindle to prevent muggles from accessing my secrets. It’s my eBook of Shadows.


im new so not lot to talk about i love ancient magic taoisn real proficeny javanise but main goal is psycic gift developung like bilocation i like mozart bethoven disturbed goid horror movie i like ancient immortals and their philosopy but most ancient is a soul so i trying to see how is made and its abbilites i not longing for god just im the type know tyself


Hello, my name is Todd. I don’t know how to upload my photo, my computer skill are still a bit lacking, though I am learning. I have been studying pendulum dowsing, metaphysics, dreamwork a little astrology for a long time. I would like to become good at magick and use it to help myself and those I care about. I am interested in angel magick, witchcraft. I have some books by Gordon Winterfield, which I find very well done. My current goals are to become a manifestor, to be able to deal with life on my own terms, handle any problem that comes up etc. I would like to increase my wealth. I would also like to develop my healing abilities. Someday I would like to be able to communicate with animals, a tall order. Mt current truggles now are probably just money.


Hello everyone, My name is Sanchez. My current goals is to master Divination,Evocation,and Soul Travel. I also would love to master Black Magick and to be an apprentice to Lucifer,Azazel,Lucifuge Rofocale,Amaymon,Abbadon,and the 9 Goetic Kings,along with the rest of the Goetia! I am really into The Angelic Hierarchy as well. I am currently trying to open up my third eye,and wanting to master Astral projection and Soul Travel to start. I also want to apprentice under the Angel of Death Azrael as well.


Hello there,

this is Serena from Rome, here without any connection or experience in the occult.

My journey started about one year ago -don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you to death with this story- let’s say with this strange obsession with Lucifer and his sigil caming out of nowhere.

Due to my background, my dogmatic mindset and the great fear to detach from my secure and well-known world I had been too closed minded, reluctant, and I started to walk for real just a few months ago.

So here I am, moving my first steps in this new world ; as a novice with any knowledge I’m struggling with meditation , with visualisation, my damn third-eye that won’t open and, more broadly, working on my “spiritual awareness”.

For the time being my goals are quite modest, as an outsider of occult arts I’m working slowly step-by-step:

  • Improve my meditation
  • Perform the visualisation correctly
  • acquire more basic knowledge and understand how to distinguish the garbage from the good ones
  • Working on opening up my astral sense and my third-eye
  • Then, perform a decent invocation on Lucifer.

After that, obviously there are going to be some other struggles and other goals.

Thank you for the attention and the patience in reading this and sorry for my grammatical and syntactical mistakes.

More than anything, thank you all for the awesome community you built, I took a lot of good advices from you.

Cheers. :pizza: