Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum

Greetings all,
You can call me Sybil or Neitkerty. I have been studying magic long enough I have stopped counting. The time is not important we are not linear truly. What is important the effectiveness and ability that you have after growing and ascending. Most of my “learning” has been guided by entities that show up from time to time.

Currently goals: to improve and master blood ritual. Solidify education of practices unfamiliar to me.

Current issues: Having difficulty finding people that allow me to explore without dogmatic huffing over my shoulder.


Hello, my name is Lei.
I’ve been studying goetic demons and such for about 1 month. But I’ve been reading on invoking and such for much longer… I don’t have much experience yet so it’s not much to type here…
But I plan on learning more and immersing myself into occult and demons and spirits etc more.


Nice to meet you too


Thank you very much. Boy do I️ have some very recent happenings to share. Would love to hear from you anytime


Sorry I missed reading that post.

My name is Byron Santo. I was born catholic and in my early 20’s became a nondenominational Christian. In fact my mother thought I would become a preacher. I started having lots of spiritual questions which led me to the occult side. By my 30’s I was studying everything I could get my hands on relating to black magick. One night Astaroth found me and things changed. Since then I’ve written 4 musical instructional books, had a one hit wonder and released a few CD’s.

Over the last year I had disk replacement surgery on my neck due to a fall whiched ended my music playing and have gotten married. Oh, I also discovered the works of E.A.!!! Spiritually things have been super charged for me. Over the last couple of months the thought of my 4th musical instructional book being a gateway or a means to summing entities have been on my mind heavily.

In July ZoZo discovered me. My downstairs neighbors must have been using a Ouija board. I’ll post the entire story when I have time.


Hello, I am Ryce. I have been jumping around magick and reading about it since I was a teenager. I started in psionics/creating thought and energyforms, then slowly transitioned to basic elemental work, which lead me to read about traditional evokation and summoning. I have astral projected, but only a few times and without results on demand. In fact, it is because of one of my projection experiences that I am on the path I am today. Most of what I have done are simple stuff: candle magic and sigil crafting/charging. Very basic chaos magic. I am also proficient on manipulating energy. I just want to do more, and am able to do more now that I actually have a place that I can call my own. I no longer rent, or live with my parents. The freedom is something I want to embrace.

Some of my goals are:
To learn to evoke: more specifically Glasya-Labolas -as he is the entity that stood out to me the most when reading about the 72 spirits of Solomon-
To learn Soul travel with a success rate of more than 50% -I want to explore reality and talk to spirits directly on their planes-

A lot of my struggles relate to my goals: Like when I try to soul travel, I usually end up falling asleep o.o or when I try to evoke, I get really tired and am unable to focus 100%. I struggle to maintain the in between state between being awake and asleep.

I have also purchased all three of EA’s courses on Soul Travel, Divination, and Evoking. I am excited to learn and get started on actual work. I am also open to any advice more seasoned members of this forum are willing to give.

Thank you for your time. Im excited to join this community.


Hi, my name is Rogan.

Since my childhood I was always fascinated with the Occult, Magick and Witchcraft, although the religion I was born into (Christianity) was keeping me from a deeper study of the occult. When I was 12 I started to dabble in the energy work (telekinesis, electrokinesis, etc.), yet the dogma I lived in repeatedly pulled me back from going deeper into practice; But this changed when I was 13, as a certain situation in my life caused me to slowly leave the dogma and go deeper into the study of magick and the occult from the LHP perspective, which in a year and a half I started to fully embrace.

Although I have went through many changes in my life since that point, I have still much to learn;
And thus I am opened to any knowledge useful in my Ascent.

The main paths I embrace:
Qliphothic Current
Draconian Current

My current main goal:
To Master Soul-Travel to the Fullest Extent.

My current struggle:
Currently I struggle with sigil magick, as because of a certain “trauma” I experienced at the beginning of my path - which made me/my subconscious associate the process of creating a sigil with certain energies that, frankly said, don’t really help me to do this operation properly, without sticking some nasty energies unto my sigils.

So, this is my introduction.
“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.”



I am Mictlantecuhtli. I want to reconnect with my ancestors. I want to walk hand and hand with death.


Hello forum, my name is Angel. I am from the province of Entre Ríos, Argentina. I am 28 years old. I have been studying demonolatry and I have been practicing for almost a year. And I joined the forum to exchange knowledge and learn from the experiences that other users have. I am happy to be here and I enjoy reading them, both the successes and the doubts of you.
Salute to all


Dyes I would

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I meant yes

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Yes I would

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Hi everyone,
Did not mean to be rude I am Lady K. I am new to magick, although I have been following EA Koetting on and off for about a year or so on youtube. But it is only recently that I have started to pay more attention as my knowledge about magick has increased through other authors. My magickal path is still to be determined but I am definitely left hand path and would love to learn more and get better at it. Hope being new to magick is not a problem.
Thanks again for the opportunity to join.


I’m assured big things are on route and I am sure.

To success in all our path’s, cheers :wine_glass: :wine_glass:


Hi I am not happy with my introduction it needs to be longer more in-depth and how come I have chosen this path so bare with me


hello, my name is chandler. my journey started one night when I was online and decide to look up demons and how to summon them. evenatly I came across my first become a living god video and the rest is history. my main interest right know is divination.


Hi pleased to meet you


My name is Andre

I’m new to Magick and I would learn evocation and maybe more.
Current goals are first evocation.
I’m a Christian who does love certain aspect in this believe, but I hate dogma and the blaspheme of ancient Gods.

Kind regards,

PS. Ready to learn on this forum.


I’m 32. Been on a journey of self discovery forever.

I built and run a website and dating app when I was a security guard for the film industry in Los Angeles.

I was adopted. My birth mother told me she offered me to Satan before I was even born. She says she was one of God’s wife’s. Went mad and painted a picture of God. It was a man who resembles David Bowie a lot. I mean not entirely but that’s what the pic looked like.

I am not one to be offered though. I refuse to be anyone’s but my own.

I am highly sexual.

I was in a punk band in my early teens and still play guitar. I was a skater punk. Always will be at heart.

I believe Baal, Raphael and Lucifer know who I am and work with me.

I am not on anyones side. I am purely working to create my soul into it’s own self sufficient force of creation.

Much like a body builder working toward becoming a strong man. It takes work and dedication.

Will add more later.


Thank you and E.A for making this forum too.