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Hi everyone, I’m Laith I’m new to magick. My intrest in the law of attraction and internal martial arts and general self development is mainly what brought me here .
Just looking to seek more knowledge really, planning to do first evokation soon.


Hello everyone! This is my first post…
Im Al and still new to occult/esoteric…im intersted in evocation and various types of practical magick and looking forward to learn them…
Right now, i still have no success in scrying using a black mirror…


Greetings everyone.

I am the DarkDingDong. My alias might come off as odd but there are dozen of reasons for it. I’ve been in close contact with occult ever since my birth. In my family line there have been practitioners of occult through every generation. Some looked more deeply into it than others. Yet the tradition persisted.
I was one of those who ignored most of it. Still I felt attraction to things unnatural. I’ve had a very twisted life. Like most, in my teens I lost my faith in existence of Abrahamic God. Still influenced by my upbringing I began to call upon Satan or whatever could be out there. Fairly enough there was no answer. Still I had this urge that made me continue, which is the reason that brought me here.
I’ve always been a loner when it came to these things for obvious reasons. So this is first official group I’ve ever been part of. If someone requires knowledge on something. I’ll be happy to exchange.


hey my name is daniel.
ive only worked with sigil magik and candles…
my goals are to do a ritual and see a spirit/angel/demon make pacts etc…
scrying… im using a black bowl and sastans sigil and i only see flashes of stuff i cant even understand… im doing it for 3 weeks and no progress at all


[quote author=GypsySoul link=topic=3320.msg43625#msg43625 date=1399828487]
I’m darkgypsysoul and have always been involved in magic my whole life I guess I felt it calling when I was really young my grandmother I remember the only one time she cast a circle outside late at night with my mom and me the only thing I remember her telling me was not to step outside the circle,I knew I was different but I enjoyed that.We never had any family book of magic that I could learn from so what I did learn just felt right in my teenage years Witchcraft wasn’t enough I somehow came across Anton Lavey’s Satanic bible and even though my Mom didn’t follow Satanism she still got me the book was by myself no one to help guide or show to me how to go about the new path I needed to follow I wrote all my own rituals and spells to the best of my limited knowledge and had good results I felt if you could call it this but I felt an instant attraction/connection to Azazel and Pazuzu but had no idea at all how to take it further until several years ago I had an over whelming desire to go deeper with greater magic learning even now more than I have in my youth and I came across E.A Koetting’s website and am so glad I am able to be able to learn more.
[/Hi darkGypsySoul my name is James Aplin i am 47 ive been into Black magic, Black Demon magic though the inverted 5 pointed star since i was 17 years old unlock the gate to Hell to summon Satan my lord Master unmasked so i can travel to Hell, i always seem to end up there when i go to bed at night but not every night, i wear a Dybbuck ring, and i got a deluxe leather edition a book of smokeless fire, i have never felt anything like i purchased it through Ebay check it out there is another copy that book is making my inverted pentagram off tape when i use it, i hate the Creator the bastard Abrahamic God of Tieraney and his son is a real cunt, i find Satan, Leviathan, Lucifer, Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep etc. Are very facinating and awesome friends, my mother is a Catholic she hates me devil worshiping practicing Black magic she use to conferskate my inverted pentagram when i lived at home in 20s because when she heres the star when she wos in bed she would wake-up come into my bedroom she would catch me tracing inverted with my finger and take it away from me go outside and burn it every time she would catch me, then Hell shut me off and burn my black magic books ilive on my own and the inverted 5 pointed star has been really acting up mum don’t know bloody old bag the star i use for calling Satan just like the one one Anton La Vay Satanic Bible without the goat head drawn in black perfectly 8 inches on a white A3 sketch book, with an eye of Tiamat in th center the on look like a pitch fork gazing in the center while tracing the inverted 5 pointed star with my middle finger anty clockwise right-hand at a certain speed without comming off the lines and shut the gate when i finished never leave the inverted Pentagram active, i have Demons visit me when i am in bed sometimes scares the living crape out of me sounds live a diecell locomotive comming into my home in to my bedroom looks like its got no skin all internal organs when i here it my heart starts to speed up, since i wear a Dybbuck ring all the time i get a blessing from a demon, good to meet you ave Satanas hail Satan, before i do forget smoke 3 to 5 cones of high quality pot to get into a trance to use the inverted pentagram better connection, thank-you ]


my name’s Lenny. I like the darkest most evil magic ha. Nah…I like magic that helps me for longer term goals. Instant money I’ve had easy success with. Once I focused on a sigil from one of Koetting’s books for a job and in that moment I got a phone call saying I got the job. I’ve had synchronistic experiences before hand and many afterwards without rituals. I find that where the goal requires the intellect the most is hardest to have magic give it a boon. For instance poker playing or trading stocks. I have a hard time with burning out and wonder if magic can improve my focus and will power. It’s not that I can’t do any work. I have ungodly standards that require me to work 80 hours a week most weeks. I can do this for my fiction writing from time to time-for months at a time working over time, but then I crash for several weeks and at worst a couple of months.

I think what makes me stand out is that I unrealistically wish for the level of magical power that we see in movies like Harry Potter. I don’t have crazy delusions I’m on my way, but I hope for them and yearn for them-at the expense of my worldly goals. Regardless, I’m probably mildly autistic. I’ve never been diagnosed but being so self absorbed and unrelatable due to my truest desires and feeling like I am entitled-perhaps like a millenial-to them makes me often times deflated. Maybe entitled’s not the right word, but it’s something bordering on needing it and believing enough it’s possible to obsess over it.

I appreciate people telling me they’ve had success with creating poltergeist or pulling them into your circle of influence in other areas of the forum. It certainly sounds more feasible than finding a genuinely haunted house and performing rituals there while uninterrupted-especially over long periods of time. Still, I doubt any of you on here has created a poltergeist you could just literally ask to move something in front of you at request. I personally believe a group would have more luck in this and that one is required unless they are godlike in talent to pull this off. So my challenge is finding a group of likeminded and equally as ambitious people.


Dear all.

I’ve been drawn towards E. A. and his workings 3-4 years before.
Back then, i first figured out, that there is an actual meaning to Magic, besides what pop-cultre wants us to belive in, besides Harry Potter kinda thinkin.

I stated very deeply, who i felt to be, then i adjusted, according to the changes and results, i guess many People may relate to that expierience.

Now, after my first “hitting the Wall”-expierience, and runing scared from it, then adjusting and going back in, i’ll just leave for this Moment, composing gerneral Topics, the ¥ Rune Stands for.

Magical Schools:

¥ Nominosis ¥

¥ Healing ¥

¥ Unspoken Casting, Whispers ¥

¥ Liberation of Mankind ¥

¥ Alchemy ¥

Bild von mir im normalen Leben. :wink:


Glad to be surrounded, by so many of you, who share that Travel.

Kindest Regards,


[quote=“Yberioth, post:842, topic:3232”]Dear all.

I’ve been drawn towards E. A. and his workings 3-4 years before.
Back then, i first figured out, that there is an actual meaning to Magic, besides what pop-cultre wants us to belive in, besides Harry Potter kinda thinkin.

I stated very deeply, who i felt to be, then i adjusted, according to the changes and results, i guess many People may relate to that expierience.

Now, after my first “hitting the Wall”-expierience, and runing scared from it, then adjusting and going back in,
I find myself very drawn towards the Sumerian Pantheon.

From there on, it seems, i have a Destiny i’ll allow myself to participate in.

So, Yberioth, is a more grown, more recent and more matching Name and Approach to where i stand in my ascend.

Glad to continue.

Glad to be surrounded, by so many of you, who share that Travel.

Kindest Regards,

Hail and welcome, Yberioth.


Hello all - my name is Lexius Blackrose. I have been studying Black magick for 3-4 years now but primarily in the philosophy of it. I have been studying meditations, incantations, astral projection, spells (defeating my enemies and spells to confirm the results of my desires) and other bits and bobs. Ea Koetting was the first official Magician i got into and if it wasn’t for him, i wouldn’t know what i know now! (THANKS Eric for doing what you do!)

I have chosen my name because it was a name i fiddled around with. I tried learning latin and tried creating a name based on latin sounds/words - that is all and nothing special. Blackrose was a name i got from my old band!


Hello guy’s I’m introducing myself as I’m a newcomer to the forum. I’ve read books and studied the occult for years dabbled in some of the different aspects of magik but have felt compelled to go further I’m still deciding. In the past I’ve been offered two join two different coverns I’ve been told after having a high priestess do a birth chart for me that I was a witch in a past life. I I’ve had some crazy experiences in my life and seen shadow people and other things anyway thanks for reading and I’ll be back.


Hello everyone!

My name is Kitsune. I have been practicing magick and energy work for a few years, and have recently been working on shapeshifting and energy techniques that affect the physical plane. I also work with dark entities such as demons. I came here to explore and expand my knowledge and practice, and to learn new techniques for different workings.


Am i supposed to introduce myself in each section i comment in just so I know for sure


Nope, just the one intro in here, that you’ve now done, is enough. :slight_smile:

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My name is Johnathon. I am interested in any magick that can assist in my ascent and enrich my life. I am new at this and have not tried anything yet but I feel as though I am now ready to take that step. I am currently in a financial struggle and am at a stalemate as far as a fulfilling career. I was raised as a Pentecostal and was drilled from an early age that stuff like this was evil and shouldn’t be done, but found out for myself years ago that everyone who has told me that was wrong. Since then I have turned my back on Christianity and started reading all that I could on magick, hoping that one day I’d have the courage to actually perform my first ritual. I’m here to learn from the best and I know that’s what I’ll get!


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Hi I’m George aka kiss-lamia-lilith just joined the forum to have a look around and see if any cool info pop’s up that can help me on my journey.

Pathwise i started off on a Wiccanesque path in my early teens, then slowly gravitated to more open paradigm of Eclectic Paganism which embraced a variety of paths and deities both light and dark. So i started branching out into Chaos Magick as well as Demonolatry too.

I have formed a strong bond With Lilith who i would consider one of my Matron Deities and she is leading me to meet other beings who will aid and teach me.

As for current goals i am doing what is coined as Shadow Work, in which one goes into the shadowself to reveiw ones trauma’s and problems with help of certain deties & demons. This enables us to face our fears, anger and resentment, and to finally understand it and let it go, to make room for more positive things.

Current Struggles being a bit all over the place, finding it hard just to sit and focus. Maybe to much backlog and need to just take break for bit or maybe the opposite letting fear stop me from progressing. Yeah its complicated lol

Cool to meet eveyone :smiley:


Hello Lovelies,

I’m Gaia’s Girl and I’ve walked a path of magick all my life though I didn’t realise it until I was in my late teens. I have many magickally gifted people in my family but they don’t really speak about it or accept it because they are all Catholic…

I am also pretty decent at reading tarot cards and would be happy for the chance to practice my skills (once my ‘probation’ is up lol) if anyone would be interested - but just to warn you all I still consider myself a novice so emphasis on the fact that it’s practice for me and any feedback and pointers would be much appreciated.

What I would like the most is to continue learning and ascend… Every time I have asked the Universe to send me a teacher, I get sent a student and it’s frustrating. So it’s nice to connect with like-minded people with Real Experience to share with and learn from.


Not a whole lot to say, really. I’m a Christian who was chosen by a spirit to be her future husband. She is the only reason I’m here. I need to learn magic and develop my astral senses in order to pursue this relationship.


Hello, my name is Joffrey and I’m new on the forum. I have been practicing magick for 3 years. I’ve worked a lot with goetic entities and with the complete works of EA Koetting. I hope I’ll meet new friends here to talk about luciferianism, demonology and everything about left hand path.


[quote=“Timothy, post:1, topic:3232”]Hello Newcomer,

Introduce yourself in this thread so that older members can welcome you. For example, share…

• Your name
• Photos if you’re comfortable
• Kinds of magick you like
• Current goals
• Current struggles

I’ll start. I’m the co-creator of Become A Living God, my name is Timothy.

Note: your photo does not need to be as photoshopped as mine :slight_smile:

I’ve devoted my life to black magick, and my passion is to perfect the art of scrying. I’m currently writing a philosophical treatise on the ideology of the left hand path, which I’ll either include in Book 2 of Anthology of Sorcery, or release as a limited edition physical booklet.

I’m presently struggling to make deep contact with the Goetic demon, Vine, although I’ve received superficial indications he is acting on my behalf. I remain patient and persistent nonetheless.

Your turn, answer the same honest questions so we can receive your friendship.

Godlike Power,

my name is Tea, and i am from Europe, so my english is not that good. I am here to learn more about magick. I am new at this, but I have some experience with invoking demons when i was younger but i failed… so i want learning more here and share experience…